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Kevin's version

StockValu.com puts you in the driver's seat to guide you through your important stock investment decisions.

Stock Valu

on 22 May 2010

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Transcript of Kevin's version

Pendulum Value of a Stock equals present value of future cash flows stock price trades from "undervalued"... So sell at the high end and buy at the low end
How do we identify the high end and the low end? We use the following3 tables: take 10 years of history plus 2 years of estimates for key variables use the average of 10 years of high and low valuation ranges easy to visualize trends with graphs compare them to other stocks to see which have the most upside and least downside potential create 12-18 month out price ranges from historical averages X estimated variables Price ranges are practically done for you This is how you create the 12 month low and highs Try it today and for a week for free.

Make better investment decisions! Free Week Trial After the FREE week trial you will want to continue for just $12/mo. What a Deal! www.StockValu.net ...like a pendulum, as big fund managers move $ into and out of the stock or only $60
a year Free trial for a week www.stockvalu.net www.stockvalue.net www.stockvalue.net www.stockvalue.net What is a stock really worth? The sky is falling! To "overvalued" "There's gold in them thar hills" When do I sell and when do I buy?
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