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Business Intelligence

No description

Harry Tan

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Business Intelligence

Why use BI ?

Business Intelligence Products
Different needs or requirements for different people
Saves time
Less prone to errors
Allows real-time data sharing and updating
Collects data from different sources

IBM Cognos Series 10
Microsoft BI tools
Oracle BI (OBIEE)
Oracle Hyperion System
Pentaho BI
Deparments/Areas of where B.I. used in Healthcare
Decision Support
Data Analytics
Enterprise Analytics
Data Governance
Data integration/Data Warehousing
Population Health
Public Health
Centralized Data Environments
Statistical Analysis

: “We
help people see and understand data
. Seven words that drive everything we do. And they’ve never been more important.

Transforming the way people
use data to solve problems
. We make analyzing data fast and easy, beautiful and useful. It’s software for anyone and everyone.”

Hospital Admissions Data
Where is B.I. Used?
Real Estate
Consumer Products
Industries that use Business Intelligence:
Many More...
Questions ?
Predictions of Business Intelligence for the future
Data management helps with Big Data
B.I. is a growing trend and moving towards healthcare
Doctor’s Offices
Data Visualization
Mobile/ Tablet
Real Time Sharing
Be part of the
Future of Healthcare
Quality of care
Patient Focused

Functions of BI tools

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By: Alex Ng & Harry Tan
Business Intelligence (B.I.)
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A Growing Trend in Healthcare
On Demand
More reliable
Enhance deep analysis
Cloud-based software

Privacy and Security
Time needed for training
Compatibility with existing data

What is the Community of B.I.
Working On?
Working with health authorities (e.g. VCH)
Decision Support - visualize data
Reduce scheduling and meetings
Working with hospitals (e.g. St. Georges, U.K.)
Help improve quality, safety and processes in hospitals
shorter wait-times
Help Physicians and Researchers
Solve different problems in ways they could not before
Produce accurate results and fast using data

What is BI?
Why BI ?
How to set up a BI system?
How it works...?
Where is BI used?
Example of a BI tool - Tableau
Functions of BI
Departments/ Areas of where BI is used in Healthcare
What is the Community Working On?
Predictions of BI for the future
Transform Raw Data to read-able data
Tools to extract, transform and load data into repository
Example: Vancouver Coastal Health
How it Works...
Data Warehouse
Database scattered across multiple systems
Health Professionals
Many Hospitals
Patient data
Many Facilities and Departments
Multiple databases
Tables can be linked
This is where Business Intelligence Comes in!
1. Establish scope and goals
2. Identify key stakeholders, users and managers
3. Review impact of system(Cost, Resources, Training)
4. Collect necessary data
5. Define and analyze requirements
6. Review and examine data and gaps
7. Validate that the BI system matches with the scope and requirements from stakeholders, users and managers
8.Deploy and deliver

How to Set Up a BI system
Patient Information & Health Professionals
Departments & Patient Information
Deep Analysis
Multilayer Queries
Generate Reports
Show your Mangers
Raw Data to Readable Data
Real time Data Sharing
Manipulate numbers for further Analysis
Pharmacy and Supplies
Extract, transform and load data into repository

Business Intelligence
includes effective data warehouse and also a reactive component capable of
time critical operational processes

operational decision-makers
to tune their actions according to the
company strategy
.(Golfarelli et.al, 2004)

What is BI ?

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