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Dynamic Characters

No description

Caisse Gore

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Dynamic Characters

Dynamic Characters
Dynamic Characters
* Katniss- Hunger Games - From brave and selfless sister to feared killer.

*•Harry Potter – Harry Potter Books – From skinny orphaned child to mature world-saving wizard adult

•Batman – Batman Begins – From orphaned billionaire to cowl donning merciless dark knight.

Changes over a period of time in the story
Detail 3
This character usually resolves a major conflict.
Detail 4
Can also be known as a ROUND character; anyone who has a complex personality; he or she is often portrayed as a conflicted and contradictory person.
Changes in a dynamic character
usually occur due to a major crisis that they are involved in, or the resolution of the main conflict of the story.
Detail 2
Detail 1
Usually does not change over time.
Remains essentially the same in the end as he or she was in the beginning of the story.
Personality does not evolve or transform, allowing the reader to make predictions as to their behavior and actions.
of a DYNAMIC or ROUND character.

Not usually the central (main) character.

Central/main character of the story.

Primrose Everdeen-
Hunger Games
Can also be called a
character, a character with only one outstanding trait or feature.

Does not undergo change or substantial growth in the story
Cinderella's Stepmother (mean in the beginning and mean in the end).
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