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South of the Border, West of the sun

Mitchell's book prezi

mitchell kent

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of South of the Border, West of the sun

South of the Border, West of the sun Presented by Mitchell Kent By Haruki Murakami South of the Border, West of the sun was published in 1992 and later published in English in 1999. This book is under the genre of realistic fiction. Haruki Murakami Born in 1949
Other notable works: "Kafka on the shore", "Norwegian Wood" and "The Wind-up Bird Chronicle." Also wrote short stories such as "The Elephant Vanishes."
Met his wife while attending University in Tokyo. Books are generally abstract and odd.
Normally writes realistic fiction. Book is about the life of Hajime from his childhood to his adult life set in Japan.
He is faced with a decision of choosing between his childhood friend and his current wife and family. "South of the Border." Refers to the song, "South of the Border."
"West of the sun" Refers to Inuit syndrome called Piblokto or Arctic (or Siberian) hysteria. What does the title mean? Text to world connection Murakami opened a coffeehouse and jazz bar which he ran with his wife similar to Hajime The theme of the novel is a very heavy meaning and it is: The past is always different in the present, you can look for the past in the future but the past and who we were back then is not ever reachable again. Overall thoughts... Personally I preferred his other works over this one but it is still a great book. It seemed to be a simple love story but had a deeper meaning. I would recommend the book to those who have enjoyed his other book Norwegian wood, however if you wanted to start reading his works to not read this first.
Strengths- How deep it is. Weakness- how Simple it seems. 7/10
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