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Investigate been used in L&P Marketing

No description

Haodi Hong

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Investigate been used in L&P Marketing

Soft Drink Fans Survey
Handout questionnaire:
Target respondents: soft drink lovers
Channels: Social Medias/ flyers
Mission Statement
Assumption Mapping
limited market, target, flavors and exposure
Haodi Hong
Investigate design in L&P Marketing
Investigate how design been used in L&P Marketing and Branding
L&P is more than a soft drink - it's a Kiwi icon.
Around since 1907 when the Paeroa Natural Mineral Water Company began bottling water in Paeroa. it proved so popular that they began to experiment, adding lemon until eventually the distinctive taste of Lemon & Paeroa was born.
Brand positioning
Inherently kiwi, L&P not only tastes a bit different it does things a bit differently too. Its quirky, optimistic and proudly New Zealand nature captures the L&P brand for all New Zealanders
Secondary Research
L&P Target Market Persona
Age: 25 Gender: Male Height:6ft
Ethnicity: Kiwi Occupation: work for Auckland Asphalt Service Status: in a relationship for 3years with his girlfriend Bonnie.
multi-tasking at life; juggling work, a busy social schedule, family, friends, partners and love sports.
Enjoy buddies time hand out with his mates during the break time or after work.
He needs a tasty and refreshing drink to free himself from a long day hard work.
Foreign Markets
Where L&P can be find?
A few restaurants within the UK.
i.e.Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Official store locator been
announced on L&P FB(Australia)
Continue to modernize a kiwi icon: Help L&P continue its journey of becoming more refreshing and contemporary.
Objectives: To investigating current issues and defining opportunities for L&P Marketing future developing.
Q1.When do you often drink soft drinks?
Q2.How do you find the tastes of soft drinks?
Q3.How do you find the size of the packaging?
Q4.Tell me about the story why you attracted by a specific brand?
Q5.Tell me three random objects come up on your mind when you drink soft drink.

Key Findings
Lotus Blossom
Potential ideas
Thank You!
"Lotus Blossom helps you to organize
your thinking around significant themes,
helping you to explore a number of
alternate possibilities and ideas."
Yasuo Matsumura of Clover Management Research in Chiba City, Japan
Proposals core idea
Bundle sale L& P with other activities to generate new opportunities and exposure.
Fast Food
In the Dumps
A little bit reviver
Packaging: Colour (polarized.) Patterns: (Happy to see it change)
Stronger culture elements
Limited edition (Yes)
Proposal 1
Squeeze A Lemon
Proposal 2
Limited edition:
New Patterns
or More: world famous places limited edition
bundle with Tourism
A 9 months word wide campaign
Regional limited: scenic spot on the world
Design special flavour for each place
Collecting all flavours' lid to win a prize
Bundle sale L& P with other activities to generate new opportunities and exposure.
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