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No description

Liam Guida

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Food

Perfect combination of cute and sexy Liam
One and only Maria
Ethnically blessed Hailey
..... and Drew
Factitious Statistics with Liam Guida
97% of the worlds population eats food
Random Fact: 3% of people live in North Korea
85% of people make their own food

The other 15% are called Americans
Important Dates
Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle to expose the appalling working conditions in the meat-packing industry. Pure Food and Drug Act led to the FDA who has been regulating and controlling food ever since.
Meat Inspection Act was passed on the same day.


Homemade VS. Processed
To help consumers choose heart-healthy foods, the Department of Health and Human Services announces that FDA will require food labels to include trans fat content, the first substantive change to the nutrition facts panel on foods since the label was changed in 1993.

Nausea, vomiting and gastric upset
Risk of allergic reactions in situations when the products containing potassium sorbate are used for skincare products
Some people may develop extreme reactions and irritation when potassium sorbate comes in contact with skin, hair or other parts of biological membranes.
Prolonged dietary intake of potassium sorbate in the form of preservatives (incorporated in canned foods) can lead to nutritional deficiencies by impairing the absorption of nutrients from the food

Side Effects of Potassium Sorbate
found on newhealthguide.org
Homemade vs. Store bought foods
How-To Make Your Own Homemade Cookies
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