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No description

Maria del Mar Navarro

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of BONNIE AND CLYDE

This film inaugurated a new era in American film production --> Hollywood renaissance around mid y70’s.
Creativity decade
With the glorification or a team of bank robbers and the lawmen represented as villains, Bonnie and Clyde captured the imaginations of the audience in the late 60’s as no film had done before.
The Film
Bonnie and Clyde is a 1967 American biographical crime film (Texas)
Set new standards for screen violence. It was one of the first films to show blood splattering from the bullet wounds and captured the body’s reaction to being shot.
Empowered women
Criticism to gender ideology
Social criticism to anti-authority
Criticism to social morals
Mise en Scene
Rule of the third
High-key light (outside)
medium shots mixed close-ups

The camera is pointing up down and at eye level, letting (every point of view)

Main scene
They presented the results of violence in graphic detail.
The Story of Bonnie and Clyde
You´ve heard the story of Jesse James
Of how he lived and died
If you´re still in need
Of something to read
Here´s the story of Bonnie and Clyde...

Now Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow gang
I´m sure you all have read
How they rob and steal
And those who squeal
Are usually found dyin´ or dead.

They call them cold-hearted killers
They say they are heartless and mean
But I say this with pride
That I once knew Clyde
When he was honest and upright and clean.

But ´laws´ fooled around
Kept takin´ him down
And lockin´ him up in a cell
Till he said to me: ´I´ll never be free
So I´ll meet a few of them in Hell.´

If a policeman is killed in Dallas
And they have no clue to guide
If they can´t find a fiend
They just wipe their slate clean
And hang it on Bonnie and Clyde.

If they try to act like citizens
And rent them a nice little flat
About the third night
They´re invited to fight
By a sub-guns´ rat-a-tat-tat.

Some day, they´ll go down together
They´ll bury them side by side
To a few, it´ll be grief-
To the law, a relief-
But it´s death for Bonnie and Clyde.

"They are young, they are in love, they kill people."
Director :
Arthur Penn
Producer :
Warren Beatty
Warren Beatty
Clyde Barrow
Faye Dunaway
Bonnie Parker
Bonnie Elizabeth Parker
Clyde Chesnutt Barrow
"Bonnie and Clyde "
Directors--> center of American film making, Warner
Bros and Columbia
Low-budget productions --> new Talents.
Jaws (1975)
Star Wars (1977)
New Era
The New Cinema: Violence… Sex… Art
Mixture of comedy and tragedy, sexual boldness and ironic approach to moral issues.
The film simplifies the lives of Bonnie Elizabeth Parker
and Clyde Chestnut Barrow, two American outlaws and robbers from Dallas who traveled the central
United States with their gang during
the Great Depression.
The gand had 8 more members jailings, murders etc.

Fashion revolution
berets back into style and triggered the move from the mini-skirts of the mid-'60s to the maxi.
The main characters' bank robbing was seen as a form of revolution, while the film's moral paradox: criminals were more sympathetic than their law-abiding killers, seemed to legitimize violence against the establishment.

Ambushed by the law in Gibland, La., on May 23, 1934
Issues of gender an seuality
Non traditional gender roles
Sexual problems (man)
Possible homosexuality
But also the deception of women in politics
Progressive ideologist
Women sexuality
High to low angles in the execution
Green dominant color: nature and the apple scene symbolizing growth
There is also red which mean danger an death
After the dominant eye attraction, the main eye-stops are the green apple, the birds, and the shooting scene. The last eye-attraction is
the bird’s eye view after Bonnie and Clyde are both dead.
A lot of visual information which conveys their personal emotions.
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