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Gender Gap

No description

Peng Pei

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Gender Gap

Gender Gap
Go to school
Begin to work
Leave this world
Come to this world
Maybe get ill
Males and females are born differently
3. The influence of education and surroundings.

“One is not born, but rather becomes a woman”
--French Feminist Simone de Beauvior
GEE Presentation
Our topic:
Gender Gap

Four group members:

Feng Yiru, Sue
Jin Shiyao, Arvin
Peng Pei, Joice
Song Ying, Carol
Gender Gap is the differences between male and female.

And it will exist
through out
our lives.
What is Gender Gap?
We focus on Gender Gap. Cause we want to close the Gender Gap.

Close the Gender Gap does not mean male and female should be the same. We know that we are born to be different.

However, we want equal chance for education, fair opportunity in work and equal treatment on health.
Four aspects of Gender Gap
1. Physiology
2. Education
3. Work
4. Health

Causes of Gender Gap
Male's brain
Female's brain
Life Expectancy
1.Enough Resources:
Female have a relatively high life expectancy.

2.Limited Resources:
Female life expectancy is below
Medical Care
Males are reluctant to seek medical help or tend to put off the doctor

It is different for developed country and developing country

gender differences among entering college
academic attainments and non-academic affairs during the college
controversy upon whether should women go on a further study
Above are something that campus staff and faculty
cannot ignore.

Elementary/Secondary Education
General knowledge
Life skills
When deciding:

Let students to decide whether they study arts or sciences independently

In the teaching process:

Slightly different ways to teach

Suggestions for different sexes students
to choose subjects
Basic education
Higher education
Focus on
Elementary/Secondary Education

How to choose?

Here is a detailed example...

Influences of choosing sciences or arts subjects based on sex

However, we cannot only stop at the surface of the negative influences carried by different treatments based on sexes.

We should step further to identify the extend to which gender acts as a constrain on social placement and mobility.

Influences of choosing sciences or arts subjects based on sex

Higher qualifications
richer knowledge

Widening the gap in economic participation

gender segregation
in examination subjects

children will be
impressed with the seemly “natural” fact

*Numbers of male candidates for every female candidate

working opportunities
higher positions

More males choosing
More options when
higher education

Projection to Society
"Two sexes are
differently gifted
for sciences and arts."
This awareness has an effect on
students themselves
the society
Unfortunately, there exists gender gap
in Education.
1.The difference on the construction of brains

Male: more white matter
Female: more gray matter
The causes of Gender Gap
The causes of Gender Gap
The causes of Gender Gap
Gender Pay Gap
male > female
Glass Ceiling
invisible obstacle
Q & A
2. The differences of
body structure

In this video...
1.Education choices
male: engineering higher income
female: social sciences, psychology, nursing lower income

2.Expectation about work
women tend to work less years than man

3. Full/part time work
work part-time: women > men
pay for same job: part-time < full-time

4. The way one's career get interrupted
man: seldom get interrupted
woman: take time off from the workforce to raise children
Do you agree?
take care of child
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