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Girl Hood :)

No description

Savoria Guillory

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Girl Hood :)

Girl Hood :)
DIRECTOR : Liz Garbus

Plot View :

About LIZ
Liz Garbus is an award-winning documentary film director and producer. Her 2011 film, Bobby Fischer Against the World, opened the documentary section of that year's Sundance Film Festival, reserved for master American documentary filmmakers
Emotional Impact
Shanae goes and stays with her grandmother in ohio and is now making all A's and is class favorite
Extra Details
Purpose of the film
Liz was was trying to let the world know that even if you commited a big crime.. you or someone else always deserves a second chance
More about LIZ
Another clip :)

In 1998, her film The Farm: Angola, USA was nominated for an Academy Award. It was awarded with prizes including the Sundance Grand Jury Prize and two Emmy awards.[4] In 2002, Garbus' film The Execution of Wanda Jean was shown at the Sundance Film Festival.[4] The next year she directed The Nazi Officer's Wife, which was narrated by Susan Sarandon and Julia Ormond. In 2005 she collaborated with partner Rory Kennedy to executive-produce the Academy Award-nominated Street Fight about the 2002 Newark mayoral election. In 2006 the pair worked with actress Rosie Perez directing to produce her film Yo Soy Boricua.[5] Her other producing credits include Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, which premiered at Sundance and won an Emmy for Outstanding Non-Fiction Special of 2007.

.The flim was suppose to be about the struggle through the hearts of New York and BUT LIZ had better plans.... ''Girlhood,'' which follows Shanae and Megan over three years beginning in 1999, doesn't pretend that a place like Waxter can hope to do the job by itself. What both girls crave is the stabilizing force of a caring and responsible mother. Of the two only Shanae receives that nurturing, and it seems to make all the difference.
Documentary about a chronicling American justice system. They are allowed to Follow two female inmates - victims of horrific violence and tragedy - who are serving time in a Maryland juvenile detention center. Finding out that they have more than they can chew one Mpd. officer was SO touched by the stories of the two girls she has TRIED to help them and become a mentor figure towards them... But something happens
Early on in Liz Garbus' extraordinary new documentary film Girlhood, which opens at the Charles Theatre Nov. 26, Shanae seems almost blasé about the killing. "Am I supposed to beat myself up about it?" she asks an off-camera interviewer. One doesn't know if her nonchalance is a street-girl pose or denial of the situation's gravity. Garbus' film purposefully avoids clarification
Megan is now getting along with her mother although they have ups and downs megan has agreed to go to therapy and she has a job working at the news office writing her own stories
The director's tone started off as calm and steady but as the story went on it became depressing and doubting
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