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'After Ever After'

No description

Emma Elisen

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of 'After Ever After'

By: Jordan Sonnenblick
'After Ever After'
This book is written in Jeffery's perspective. I know this because it refers to Jeffery as I and my. We like this because it shows his point of veiw.

"Yes, we do. I, think maybe we shouldn't spend time together outside of school until after the statewide tests next month." ( Sonnenblick,184)

The book 'After Ever After' by Jordan Sonnenblick
is about where

Jeffery is the main character in the book. He is a determained cancer survivor that is trying to get through his grade 8 year. He got cancer in the beggining of Kindergarden and returned when he was in grade 4, were he met his best friend Tad. He is a great writer on his laptop and strong in language, but math is where hes failing. He loves his bike rides, which helps him clear his head from math. He takes every obsticale head on, along with his friends. Will he make it through grade 8 alive or not?
For After Ever After the moral/theme is to never give up.
We think this because through out the book Jeffery never gave up even when faced with difficult tasks, like the satewide test. Also when Tad was determined to walk across the stage for graduation.
This story is based on a cancer surviver Jeffrey Alper. Jeff sturuggles with challenges through out the book, such as maybe not being able to gradute from grade 8. With his best friend Tad, and new girlfriend the beautiful Lindsey Abraham, he concours his problems while faceing new ones.
Jeffery Alper
" Put your right foot flat on the floor. Now, with out lifting the rest of your leg, lift the front of your foot up so your toes are off the ground. Congradulations. You just did something I will never, ever do again."

(Sonnenblick -32)

Tad is Jeffery's best friend since grade 4.
Cancer survivor himself. Tad is a snarky person,
with a tendancy to have a bad attitude. Although him and Lindsey are determined to get Jeff to pass 8th grade. But when a bad twist comes half way through the year, Tad is also at risk for not passing grade 8, or any grade, ever.

“Not fair? Oh, I'm sorry I get this lovely laptop computing device when all you get is the ability to walk, control your hands, and know you'll survive until your eighteenth birthday." Then the kid was going, "Uh, I didn't mean..." But Tad wasn't done yet. While the whole class watched in horror, he put his hands through the metal support braces on the arms of his wheelchair and forced himself to stand up. Then he took a shaky little step to the side, gestured toward the chair, and said, "Why don't you take a turn with the laptop? You can even have my seat.”

Lindsey is the new girl from Los Angeles. Shes pretty, outgoing and has a crush on Jeffery, which is quite odd and rare for Jeff. She also helps out with the plan to help Jeffery pass grade 8.

Jeffrey has two parents and one older brother.
Jeff's dad loves math, and he gets furiuos when helping Jeff understand math. While Jeffreys mom isn't a major role. Jeffs older brother Steven is the perfect child, until he got angry with his life and decided to move to Africa to be in a "drumming circle", drumming is his passion. This is very hard on Jeffrey because Steven is his role model, he goes to Steven for every problem.
“Hi, Tad!' she said. 'Hi, Jeff! Hey, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?'
'Uh, no,' I said. 'We were just...I mean, Tad was...uh, nope.'
'So what were you guys talking about?'
'Well,' I said, 'it's very complicated. We were discussing...umm...hats. You know, hats. Like, the head kind.'
'There's another kind?' Lindsey asked.
'Hey, Jeff?' Tad said. 'If your mom needs any evidence to prove that you're retarded, let me know. I'd be glad to record you talking to Lindsey. I'm pretty sure that would do the trick.”

(Sonnenblick, -123)

"No Jeff, I can walk across the stage at graduation. All right? Thats the deal. Were a team. I tutor you, and you work out with me. You pass I walk."
"You serious?"
"As cancer."
(Sonnenblick, 42)
We could connect this book to "The Fault in Our Stars" because both novels relate to a painful problem caused by cancer. Both stories have a sad ending with some main characters deaths.
"Thats the thing about pain, it demands to be felt."

(John Green, "The Fault in Our Stars")
We rate this book three and a half out of five.
We rate it this because overall the book was a good mixture of funny and intense and the catchy phrases kept us hooked. Although this book was quite good it did not have other points of view which kept you wondering how other characters felt.
"Some kids do drugs. Some kids light stuff on fire. Me, I eat oats."

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Jeff has a mom and dad and one older brother named Steven. Jefferys dad has a big role in the story, he loves math. He gets frustrated when helping Jeff with math. Jeffreys older brother Steven had finished his third year in University but took a turn and decided to move to Africa to join a "drumming cirlce." Drumming is a passion of Stevens. Jeff loves his older brother and is mad when he leaves the counrty and him behind, because Steven is Jeffreys role model. His mom doesn't have a big role in the book.
Moms voice broke then. "Steven I understand why your upset... but I don't know weather I can
this. You, out of touch, in
? You were the child we never had to worry about."
"Well." Steven said, "maybe you should
"Me: Well you see I uh, i'm a cancer survivor
Person#1: And hows that workin for you?
Me: Well, you see, I, uh, used to have leukemia.
Person#2: Dude. how come your not, like BALD?
Me: Well you I uh, I had acute lymphocytic lymphoma when I was five.
Person#3: Whoa. THAT must'a sucked. I once had my tonsils out..."

True History
Fictional Story.

We recommend this book for ages 11 and up. This book deals with a serious topic, cancer. Any age younger might not understand.

Through out the middle point of the book, they all had a State Wide test. This test is manditory to pass grade eight. Tad took matters into his own hand. The very first day of testing he lead a protest, and got every kid to walk out of the school.
"Me: Well, you see, I, uh, i'm a cancer survivor.
Person 1: And how's that working for you?
Me: Well, you see, I, uh, used to have leukemia
Person 2: Dude, how come your not, like, BALD?
Me: Well, you, I uh, I had acute lymphocytic lymphoma when I was five.
Person 3: Whoa, THAT must'a sucked. I once had my tonsils out..."

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