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Intentionis Vision

It's all about sensors

frantz lohier

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Intentionis Vision

A revolution in the Consumer Electronic (CE) space Context-aware Computing "The future of computing lies in rich, context-driven user experiences" - Intel Vice President and CTO Justin Rattner Vision Mission Tactics We'd love to work with you ! Can do this ? Can G-Lattitude do this ? Can Twitter do this ? Once upon a time,
it was mother's day ... Build disruptive relevant apps and services with our "SensoTweet" Platform P r o b l e m Opportunity "Scheduled" Twitt "Twitt" triggered based on location Develop a cross-platform to connect and abstract sensors Q&A Why Intentionis ? Our Proposal More Than "Can do" Solution but Disruption ! 1M line of code, 3 Apps developped Commercial deployement/ thousands of downloads IP protection Several Prizes won Market is HOT ! We are excised & have tones of ideas www.intentionis.com Become a World-wide leader in Context-aware Software Solutions "SensoTweet" enabled application: AmbuTalk 3 Apps; sensors used
& connected Mobile Sensors at the heart of this revolution 1 Platform Voice recognition Speech synthesis TO BE COMPLETE - Cartoon style story Value add web services SMS Web More than Blogging More at
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