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Navigating Through 1B

A snapshot of what to expect in your 1B term at the School of Accounting and Finance. Hope this helps! I do not own the rights to the music or images in this presentation

Adnan Khan

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Navigating Through 1B

Delve into the world of data organization and analysis
Similar to Grade 12 Data Management if you took it, but don't worry if you didn't
Significant time spent on describing data (i.e. mean, median, standard deviation, outliers), probability (Bayes' Rule, Venn diagrams), distribution, regression)
Course concepts helped us during our summer internships
Just when you thought you were done, there's the dreadful follow up
I usually followed up with an email a day or two after each event
Since people probably get swamped with emails from SAF students, sometimes you’ll get a reply sometimes you won’t. Don't get discouraged!
Try to keep the email conversation going but don’t force it to continue
If their reply is short, be happy they responded, and if there's nothing else to talk about, just reply and say thanks!
I was told by a lot of people to write a in your follow up email to maintain a spark
Only do this if it is genuine. Try to get your questions answered in person

a little bit about each conversation after the event
so that you can reference the conversation in your email
People will probably compare response emails with each other
No point over-analyzing. Makes no difference if your
friend got a "LOL!" in their email and you didn't

Don’t ever try to make anyone look bad at an event and
always look out for your peers
You’d be surprised by how much upper year students notice and remember the little gestures a lot of you have done
We need to succeed as as a whole, not just as individuals. Our reputation and employer-presence isn’t developed by one or two strong students, but rather the entire community
Make each other look good at these events
If you buddy up, you can
brag about each other
hehe. It worked pretty well for us! It'll also make you feel more at ease and take some pressure off you
Try not to pair up with too many people

Best way to get better at mingling is to step outside your comfort zone and
Goal is pretty much to
make some friends
Be genuine
— most important piece of advice, often overlooked by students. Don’t try to impress others by being someone you’re not because the recruiters will see right through you
Large circles at times, typically around lead recruiters and executives
Keep in mind that
every relationship is valuable
. We liked to start off every event by talking to the less crowded people, and then bounce around between others afterward
Especially in the beginning, if you don't know any recruiters, try politely asking a co-op friend to personally introduce you to them
Be polite
- If you're in a circle, make space for a friend if they're trying to get in! If you enter a circle but someone else is talking,
wait for an opening
or a pause to jump in and introduce yourself. I’d actually listen to the conversation and try to add on to the topic. Then I’d say something like “I never had the chance to introduce myself, I’m Adnan”. Aww yeee, all of a sudden you have their attention and introduced yourself in a memorable manner
Smiling is contagious and when I talk to you all, I like it when you're smiling haha! No need to smile the whole time (especially if someone talks about something sad), but good times are when you introduce yourself, when you leave, and when someone responds to your questions
Speaking of questions, you don’t need to always come up with intelligent questions before events.
Ask what you actually care about!
Bonus points from Richard if what you actually care about is intelligent :P

A ton of events are just around the corner so you should stay on your toes and be prepared.

Here are a few examples:

DECA Provincials
Chartered for Finance
Information Sessions

Pick and choose what you’re interested in, but attend something! Unless you're Jean Wu, it's challenging to do everything at once.
If you aren’t on LinkedIn already, get on that!
Connect with us and other professionals you know
Great tool to follow up with after events
LinkedIn is the best way for you to indirectly show people why you’re a chill person with some good experiences and all
They get to see your face again. I meet a couple people with the same name at every event and it’s impossible to remember which one was which, so this tool helps for that as well
After a few events, recruiters might scope your profile
on Linkedin. Keep it up-to-date!
You've made it through your first term at the

Learn from what went well and what didn't to make 1B even more spectacular!

Follow this journey for our on how to navigate through 1B. A lot of this wisdom was imparted to us by Oni, Faizan, Rida, Vitu, Dinesh, and Talha, all of whom are current and past SAF students.
Navigating Through 1B
So much to do,
so little time
Always the priority
Stay on top of your schoolwork
You know yourself best — prioritize
Different style courses compared to 1A (i.e. SPCOM 111, AFM 121)
Cannot rely on high school knowledge
AFM 102- Managerial Accounting
Significant focus on costing for internal decision making
Much of what you learn is n
, don't get confused!
Be sure to do the readings and problems, I got a little buried under in this course because there's
quite a bit of content
PowerPoints posted on Learn are (in our opinion) much more concise and useful than the textbook
Try to understand the concepts instead of just getting 100% on the Connect problems :)
Look out for each other!
Kinda cliché but I can’t emphasize this enough
A lot of the personal growth you experience during your time at university is outside of all your academics, extra-curriculars, events etc.
In retrospect, I have no clue what mark I got on my Mike’s Bikes Report or AFM 101 Final, but I do remember all the new friendships and memories made throughout the year
Other than that, look forward to 1B. It’s an amazing term and you’re gonna meet a lot of incredible people. You have a bright future (all 300 of you)! Good luck and we’re here if you need anything
- Adnan and Richard
AFM 121- Financial Markets
ECON 102- Macroeconomics
SPCOM 111- Speech Communication
STAT 231- Statistics and Sampling
More application than ECON 101
Major topics include GDP, Unemployment, Inflation, Bonds, and Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Utilize resources such as the following:
Students Offering Support exam-aid sessions
Study guide is always helpful since there are only so many questions the professors have in their exam bank
In my opinion, more interesting than microeconomics because you get a taste of the major roles of the government and the Bank of Canada
A little daunting because a lot of you probably don't know much about finance
Get comfortable with Excel so that you can excel on quizzes
Check this out:
Spend time understanding the Time Value of Money because it's a recurring theme throughout the course and onwards
Complete all readings and pay attention in class because there are weekly quizzes
There will probably be a final group presentation, so get comfortable working with your team
Don't worry if you aren't comfortable with public speaking or simply fear non-accounting/mathematical courses
I loved this course because the small class size allows you to form great relationships within your section and engage in a lot more discussion than you would in any other course
Helped me develop confidence, critical thinking, and communication skills
You will record your speeches and be able to clearly see where you can improve
Figure out how to stay calm before each speech — this skill will help you with interviews along the road as well
Try to make the most out of the course rather than always worrying about your grade
Interesting team case study at the end of the course
Opportunity to apply AFM course concepts
I'm picturing everyone naked but I still feel nervous...
Fig 1: Bell curves all day
"My professional skepticism senses are tingling!"
- Every recruiter, when you boost too much
Wingman, DC Comics
Don't be mean to your friends :(
(or wingwoma
Note: Academics still come first
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