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Exclusive Recruitment

No description

Shaun Engstrom

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Exclusive Recruitment

Exclusive Recruitment
A new way of doing business
Exclusive Recruitment Vision:
Refer only qualified applicants to meet employers needs by using highly skilled staff who specialize in screening and matching.
We send five or less candidates to you to interview -
candidates ready to hire.
We will take time to understand your needs.
We screen and interview all applicants.
We recruit the kind of candidates you want for your job listing.
How we do it
We understand your needs
A WorkSource Oregon staff member will visit your office to gain a full understanding of your companies:
Business culture
Recruitment needs
Hiring processes
Ideal candidate
Together, we decide if Exclusive Recruitment is a right fit for your listing.
Screening Process
WorkSource Oregon will screen every candidate to make sure they fit your individual needs.

Communication between your business and WorkSource Oregon is essential throughout the recruitment process.
The WorkSource Oregon staff that recruit for our Exclusive Recruitment listings are highly trained and think outside the box to find your ideal candidate.
Title 1B/WIA Partners
Company websites
Sites like Craigslist and Monster
Our field office staff are experts in their local economies. They are able to recruit job seekers from both inside and outside of our system.
We send your ideal candidate
When all is said and done we will send you three to five candidates to interview. We are confident that our candidates will be so good, you will have a hard time choosing just one.
After a hire is made, a staff person will follow up with you to see how your new hire is working out and if your Exclusive Recruitment experience could have been improved.
Tried and Tested
The Exclusive Recruitment Pilot started in October 2012 and was so successful it's being implemented across the State.
We are currently offering Exclusive Recruitment services in the following offices:
Klamath Falls
La Grande
Baker City
Canyon City
Here are the results
Number of Job Listings
Listings Closed with One or More Hire
Number of Referrals
Number of Hires
Referral to Hire Ratio
What employers are saying
Exclusive Recruitment
Coming soon to an office near you
Only those applicants who self attest to meeting the basic job requirements may apply for the listing.
Facilitated Self-Service
Advertise the job without screening applicants. Everyone is welcome to apply, either directly or online.
For us to provide this level of service, and to guarantee the success of Exclusive Recruitment, we ask that the employer only post their listing with the Employment Department and refer all applicants to the local office for screening.
Below are some tools we use to identify candidates:
Exclusive Recruitment
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