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Wavering Faith

No description

Sharuq Yasin

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Wavering Faith

Wavering Faith
Prophet Musa Leads Children of Isra'eel to Palestine
Prophet Musa was told by Allah to lead the Banu Isra'eel to Palestine through the Sinai Peninsula. Although Phir'oun was dead, they continued to disobey Allah and stayed with the evil that Phir'oun influenced on them.
Journey to Palestine
Any questions?
Mount Sinai
What is Mount Sinai? -It is the mountain where Allah spoke to Musa. At least that is what people in that area believe. There is a small chapel and mosque at the top. It takes about 3 hours to climb 7,498-foot peak. It also has a stairway with around 4,000 steps.
Surat-ul-A'raf 142-144 (Dalia)
Prophet Musa Speaks to God
Prophet Musa complained to Allah that he did not have enough control over his people. So Allah ordered that they wander clueless in Sinai until they produced another generation that could be more pious and follow Musa. Banu Isra'eel couldn't find their way out of Sanai. They would walk and walk but return to exactly where they began.
Musa went to Mount Sinai where he first spoke to Allah. He was ordered to fast for 30 days to purify himself. After he was to go to Mount Sinai to speak to Allah. He fasted 30 days but because of the odor of his breath became unpleasant and did not want to speak to his Lord with bad odor, he ate a piece of plant.

Allah said: "Why did you break your fast?" Musa replied: "O my Lord, I disliked to speak to you with my mouth not having a pleasant smell." Allah said: "Do you not know, Musa, the odor of the faster's mouth is more scented to Me than the rose. Go back and fast ten days; then come back to Me."
Continue...145-150 (Sharuq)
Continue...151-156 (Sidrah)
Return of Prophet Musa
After 40 days, Musa returned carrying the Tawrat. Upon his return, he saw that his people were worshipping a golden cow which they made with their own hands. He threw down the Tawrat. He tugged on Haroon's beard and said:"What held you back when you saw them going astray? Why did you not stop this corruption?" Haroon replied:" O son of my mother, let go of my beard! They considered me weak and were about to kill me. So make not the enemies rejoice over me, nor put me among the people who are wrongdoers.'' Musa understood and began to handle the issue calmly and wisely. Allah ordered Musa to punish his people but Musa asked Allah to forgive them and he did. Musa then chose 70 elders, who did not worship the idol, to accompany him on a trip to Mount Sinai.
The trip to Mount Sinai
Musa returned to Mount Sinai with 70 elders and there he communicated with Allah. He hoped that speaking to Allah right in front of their eyes would make them better believers. This was probably the last miracle that they would see. However, the 70 elders who heard the miracle were not yet satisfied. They said to Musa:" O Musa! We shall never believe in you until we see Allah plainly." Allah became very mad at their stubborn demand and punished them with lightning bolts and a powerful earthquake which resulted in their deaths. Musa was very sad and prayed to Allah to forgive them and He did. He brought them back to life. Banu Isra' eel then promised to worship Allah.
Haroon and Musa Die
Prophet Haroon died shortly before Prophet Musa. His people were still wandering in the wilderness when he died. Abu Hurayrah narrated:" The Angel of Death was sent to Musa. Musa did not want to die until he felt that he has done his job with Bani Isra'eel. The Angel returned to Allah and said:' You have sent me to a slave who does not want to die.' Allah said return to him and tell him to put his hand on the back of an ox and for every that he will touch on his hand, he will be granted an extra year of life. Musa then said:" O Lord! What will happen after that? He said:" Death." Musa said:" Then let it come now." He asked Allah to let him die close to the Holy Land. Musa is called:" Kaleem-Allah", because he spoke directly to Allah.
What did we learn?
1- Gratefulness to Allah: We should always be thankful to Allah no matter what. Sincere Muslims should obey Allah and thank him for every blessing.
2- Worshipping other than God: Muslims worship the one and only God, Allah. Bani Isra'eel started worshipping a cow they made with their gold and jewelry. Allah is the True Creator.
3- Protecting ourselves from hypocrites: As Muslims, we should stick to our belief firmly. Al-Samiri was among the children of Isra'eel. But he went against Musa and made people make an idol to worship as God while Musa was gone.
Thank You
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