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Animal Abuse

No description

Dianna Hardy

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Animal Abuse

Stop Animal Abuse
Animal Abuse Facts
Unusual Animal Abuse

Ways To Stop Animal Abuse
One way to stop animal abuse is donate money to animal shelters. Another way is to use products th they say that they were not tested on animals. If you see an animal being abused call 911 immediately.
Percentages of Animal Abuse
Unusual animal abuse
Percentages of Animal Abuse
Media has reported that the most common victims in animal cruelty are dogs. It is estimated that 64.5% involve dogs, 18% involve cats, and 25% involve other animals.

Animal Abuse Facts
Nearly one million animals are abused or killed in one year! Many animals that are killed are for their fur and come from fur farms where animals are kept in tiny cages and are killed at around six months old. Many ranchers use electrocution.... which fries animals inside out.
Dogs that lose fights are often abandoned, set on fire, electrocuted, shot, drowned, or beaten to death. Alligators on farms may be beaten with hammers or axes. Sometimes remaining conscious and in pain for two hours after skinning. Cows on average produce 16lbs of milk a day. With hormones , antibiotics, and genetic manipulation, how much do you think they produce? 54lbs a day.
People use animals for entertainment like the movie The Three Stooges.... lots of salmon were killed for a funny scene. Animals are tested in labs to find cures for diseases. The activities related to intentional abuse have deep connections to some severe psychological problems.
Every state in the U.S and the district of Columbia has a law prohibiting cruelty to animals. These laws do not give animals rights, but do afford some legal protection.
Why Don't They Stop
Abusing Dogs
Approximately 47 dogs are killed each year in India. Did you know that people make jackets out of dogs fur? Neglect and abandonment are most common forms of abuse in Canada. More than half of the 12,000 cases of animal abuse is dog abuse.
Animal Cruelty Laws

One way to care for animals is when it is cold outside it is good to bring your animals inside. Another way to care for animals is to give them a nice shelter keeping them out of rain, snow, and other storms, and to feed and water them daily. It is also good to not hit animals when they do something wrong, but to just say no.
The Proper way to Care for Animals
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