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amanda west

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of Cubism

Cubism is the concept of objects being broken up, analyzed, and re-assembled into abstracted forms.
What is Cubism?
Pablo Picasso demonstrated extraordinary artistic talent. His work is a patchwork of different styles and techniques, from his classicist nude paintings to cubism.
Cubism was the result from World
War 1 and from people who
wanted to see a new way of life.
There are two types of cubism:
Analytical Cubism
Synthethic Cubism
In the analytic phase (1907–12) the cubist palette was severely limited, largely to black, browns, greys, and off-whites.
During the later phase of cubism, paintings were composed of fewer and simpler forms, brighter colours were employed, aswell as collage.
Cubism in the 21st Century

What is Cubism?
Cubism is the concept of objects being broken up, analyzed, and re-assembled into abstacted forms.
The traditional techniqes of perspective were abandoned, and multiple viewpoints were used to introduce the idea of relativity. This shows you many views of a subject at one time.
Bristish illustrator, Ben Newman is known
for his contemporary
fusion of bold shapes, bright colours
and playful characters.
Dave Murray
Entitled Polygons, these images incorporate the geometrical style of Picasso to give life to pop culture figures.
These colourful portraits have been defined by Canadian Dave Murray as "futurist cubism"
With a wide range of tonalities, these illustrations are intriguing and fascinating; they also give a modern twist to Picasso's immortal style
African sculpture, particularly mask carvings, had enormous influence in the early years of the movement.
Demoiselles d'Avignon
is one of the most significant
examples of this influence. This piece was one of the first of the cubism movement.
Cubist Sculpture
Henri Laurens turned to cubism after meeting Braques in 1911. His style of work mirrored the techniques of Synthetic Cubism, but in 3D.
Head of a Young Girl 1920
Cubism was prolific in poetry and music. Sound and time can be perceived from various viewpoints and centres of gravity

Gertrude Stein was a writer / poet and was great friends with Picasso. Cubism influenced her literary work, although most found her work completely unintelligible.
Cubism in Music
& Literature
Jaques Lipchitz started with a naturalistic approach which became more abstract.
Sailor with a Guitar 1914
Gertrude Stein was a writer / poet and was great friends with Picasso. Cubism greatly influenced her literary work, although most found her work completely unintelligible.
Robot 2011
Wall coverings for NSPCC Headquarters
'Digital Divide' One 2011
Editorial Illustration about the use and access of digital devices in American Schools
It was boredom that drove Pablo Lobato, a graphic designer from Argentina, back to his first passion - illustration.
Born 1881
Died 1973; Aged 91
Over 20,000 paintings & sculptures
Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso were considered the pioneers of Cubism.
From here they developed the cubist style of painting.
They formed a great relationship and studied paintings and art together, especially the works of Paul Cezanne.

Les joueurs de carte (1892-95)
Jas de Bouffan (1885-1887)
The cubists believed that the traditions of Western art had become exhausted. They drew on the energy of other cultures, especially African Art (Africanism).
Born 13 May 1882
Died 31 August 1963, aged 81
Georges Braques was a French painter, engraver and sculptor.
Cubism has had an enormous influence on the art world, ranging from architecture, music, sculpture and much more. It is still very much alive today as evidenced by the works of many illustrators around the globe, and is still going strong, and ever evolving.
A cover for the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association.
The feature was

"Sports Psychiatry"
Under the influence of Picasso's 'Demoiselles d'Avignon' and Cézanne, Braque started to use a more restrained palette of greens, browns and greys, simplified his forms, and painted his first Cubist pictures.
Mandora 1909
Clarinet & Bottle of Rum on a Mantlepiece 1911
Artist Juan Gris was referred to as the 'Third Musketeer' of Cubism
Violin and Glass 1918
Picasso and Braque conceived and developed Cubism but other artists also adopted the style. The Spanish artist Juan Gris, who is often referred to as the 'Third Musketeer of Cubism', was the best of these and he refined the Cubist vocabulary into his own instantly recognizable visual language.
Weeping Woman 1937
The 'Weeping Woman' is one of a series. It is a study of how much pain can be communicated by a human face. It captures the loss of a loved one, and depicts the destruction of war on innocent lives.
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Music by Yo Yo Ma
By Mandy, Michelle, Mimi & Izzy
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