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Tori Hogg ESE Pre-K

No description

Tori Hogg

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Tori Hogg ESE Pre-K

ESE Pre-K Teacher •Serve as a consultant and/or provider of direct services as an ECSE teacher to implement IEPs for three through five/eight-year-old children with disabilities in a variety of settings, including the classroom, the child's home, and, when appropriate, other settings that provide services to children (i.e. child care, Head Start, inclusive early childhood programs, etc.)
•Serve as an equal member of a teaching team in an inclusive program (4 or 5-year-old kindergarten/ECSE/Title I preschool, etc.)
•Serve as a member of the district's IEP team and assist with assessment, program planning/IEP development, and placement offerings for service delivery for 3 through 5/8 year old children with disabilities.
•Take a lead role in the district's Child Find/screening activities and coordinate these efforts with the county Birth-3 Program
•Participate in transition meetings and activities with the B-3 Program, school-sponsored programs, and community-based programs to insure smooth transitions for children and their families entering and leaving ECSE services
•Act as a member of a interdisciplinary team when designing/delivering services to young children with disabilities
•Promote parent involvement in the ECSE program and services
•Participate in community early childhood councils and discussions regarding school-based services for young children
To provide services to children three through five/eight years of age who have disabilities and are eligible for special education services and their families. Four-year degree from a college or university. A WI Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) license, #808 (Birth to Five-year-olds) or #809 (Birth to Eight-year-olds). Public school teachers must maintain their teaching license by earning 6 additional college course credits or its equivalency. Florida southern
Southeastern university Salaries vary depending on the school district and teacher education and experience. Approximate range is 25,000 - 55,000 plus benefits. To still be teaching these kids. Military Families Mostly just email between other teachers and parents and the computer to print pictures that they take of there class. Little kids with problems and regular kids too are who they deal with. other pre-k's and places like Wal-mart where they will get there teaching supplies. Figuring out what weaknesses that the kids have. Figuring out how much stuff they need to get for all the kids they have in class. Working in teams and being coorpative with each other and being polite to the kids and their parents
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