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URI Online Orientation

This presentation will introduce as well as offer information on the keys to success in the online learning environment. Technology, Communication and Time Management are focused on.

URI Online

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of URI Online Orientation

Welcome Online courses at URI are a great way to fit classes into a busy schedule, save time and money on commuting, or challenge yourself with a new way of learning. Here at URI, we want all of our students to feel well informed and comfortable during their academic journey. Whether you are taking class online or on-campus, we want you to succeed! Getting Started You will learn how to access online courses, and what types of assignments may be required. check out the sample course: The Office of Online Learning at URI is here to offer you some
helpful tips on the new challenges you may encounter throughout
your first online course. It is important to understand the new expectations and responsibilities involved in taking an online course and how they may differ from your experience in previous face to face courses. Of course, all instructors have their own format and required activities. this will require flexibility, and it may be useful to visit each of your courses the first week and make sure you understand all the features for each class. Technology You don't need to be a computer expert! but, it is helpful to have some basic computer skills, the recommended technology and a "plan B" when taking an online class Still have questions? check out our technology support page http://www.uri.edu/online/tech_support.html Get started on the right path: Time Management stay on track Start using your syllabus on the first day clarify anything you don’t understand the first week - if you're not sure what your instructor expects, ask! organize your weeks to ensure that you will meet deadlines for all discussions and assignments Online courses run on the same schedule as face to face courses and require the same time commitment. Keep an up-to-date calendar Check email/Sakai every day Additional Resources Check these out! Time Management: Supplementary Instruction Materials and Other Resources:
http://www.uri.edu/online/campus_contacts.html Don't forget, If the format is frustrating, reach out, but use Sakai on a regular basis so it becomes familiar. Firefox is the preferred web-browser for Sakai. Make sure it is updated. Mozilla Firefox Be familiar with different word processing files

If it is not listed in the syllabus you may want to check with your instructor for preferred file format Additional software may be required in some courses and will be included in the syllabus on the first day of class. Technology problems are not an excuse for late assignments or incomplete work
Make sure you have an alternative option if something happens to your primary computer or internet service
E.g. local public library, close friend/relative’s computer, public space with internet. Up to Date Web Browser Basic Computer Skills Regular Access to a computer with an internet connection Word Processing Software Additional Software (potentially) A "Plan B" http://www.uri.edu/online/sample_course.html URI's web/online classroom is generally offered in Sakai- this is the web platform where you access course content, updates and classroom exchanges. keyboarding
file exchange and retrieval
online discussion
web browsing When taking an online class, you will still be able to engage in conversation and get to know your professor and classmates

In fact, you are more likely to succeed in your course if you take the time to participate in discussions and ask questions on a regular basis.

Here is a helpful guide for etiquette in your online class: Communication http://www.uri.edu/online/guide.html you're not alone! http://www.uri.edu/online/time_management.html Plan out your time! While online classes do offer flexibility, it is very important to keep on track. Students have reported that they do better in an online course when having a plan. Overview This presentation will cover three areas important for your success in an online class: Technology
Time Management the three areas for success are: Technology stick with it! Communication If you fall behind or are lost, ask for help be proactive! Time Management Make sure you allow time for yourself in your schedule, don’t overdo it! Create a realistic plan Office of Online Learning:
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