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Monday 9.28.15

No description

Amy Swanson

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Monday 9.28.15

Some Administrative Items:

I will answer questions about Friday after the DO NOW
I will collect Do Nows from Friday after the DO NOW
I will collect Article of the week from last week after the DO NOW
we will make up for last week's music video Friday tomorrow.
Do Now
This week's topic will be ANGER.

Take a moment now to write down something(s) you already feel, believe or know about ANGER in the bubble on the lower left.

Don't forget to write the topic- ANGER- in the bubble in the upper right
Do Now
Remember: You should copy the quote completely and accurately and respond in a meaningful way that engages with the specific language or message of the quote.
Article of the Week
Before we begin this week's Article of the week, let's take a moment to turn in last week's assignments.
Roots Lesson 3
Today we will begin our third lesson of Greek and Latin Roots! This week's prefixes are:
Monday 9.28.15

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

-Mark Twain
Now, on to MICROBEADS!

Let's use our strategy:
1. Pre-read the questions we will be asked to answer
2. Annotate the article with purpose
3. Answer the questions using annotated text
Today we'll read through the related words including definition, part of speech, and example sentence. When your name is called, please read the word, part of speech, and definition or the example sentence- depending on where we are in the list.
The "WRITE" Way
This week we are going to start to think about Literary Analysis and begin to prepare our first process literary analysis paper.

As our first step, let's consider how to write body paragraphs in a literary analysis paper.
Step 1 in Literary Analysis is to use the prompt and think about the text and come up with an original thought- or "claim" about the text. Then....
Mood in Wizard of Oz
Let's look at this Literary Analysis task as practice. We'll use the outline to plan the way we would approach the body paragraphs.
Look back at your notes from Wizard for a definition of mood as well as our notes about the two moods- the mood in Kansas and the mood in Munchkinland
Achieve 3000
Today, we will complete our first assignment using Achieve. This assignment grade will be included in Genesis, in the classwork category.

You will need the username and password we handed out to you. Log in at:

Today, we will be reading an article on using Model Airplanes as an advertizing ploy. You should find the lesson "The Magic of Model Airplanes" and then wait for more instruction.

You should use the highlighting tools to take notes as you read that will help you to answer the "thought question." Don't log off until you've shown me your answer to the the "thought question."
before, toward
after, behind
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