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No description

Cat Payne

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Sabriel

By: Garth Nix
Callista Payne

Sabriel's Traits
Sabriel's tenacity throughout the book and stubborn personality make for a rugged main character that stands out in this third person novel.
Supporting Character's
Mogget- a free charter-spirit, bound by Abhorsen's as a white cat.

Touchstone- A prince who Sabriel freed after finding him bound as a wood statue.
Touchstone. Behind him, is Kerrigor's spirit.

Personal Response
The Setting of "
" is displayed in that of medieval times, where villagers seek help through Shamans, and Kings and Queens rule the kingdom.
'"Come on you four. Quick with the bridge. We have visitors! Help at last!"'
Mogget's Character Traits
The main character is Sabriel, who's conflict revolves around finding her father, and eventually taking his place as the Abhorsen.
Leaves Wyverley College to save father after he doesn't show up for a meeting.
Meets General Horyse, who helps her cross the wall.
Touchstone's Character Traits
Touchstone lacks self-worth, and deems himself fit only as the Abhorsen's swordsman. He vocalizes his worthlessness often, until he is scolded by Mogget or Sabriel.
Mogget is almost always a snarly, self absorbed creature, unless in his free magic form- a murderous creature who wishes the Abhorsen dead.
Is followed and almost killed by a Mordicant(a dead creature)
Reaches father's home and meets Mogget, begins a journey to find her father.
Finds the statue of a naked man on a ship, enters death to save him.
The man is dubbed "Touchstone".
Mogget, Sabriel, and Touchstone embark through several villages, carrying out the duties of the Abhorsen along the way.
Find mostly dead father in a resevoir.

Father and Mogget sacrifice themselves to weaken Kerrigor (antagonist and Touchstone's half brother)
Defeats Kerrigor with help from her father's sword and bells, many charter mages, and Touchstone.
Sabriel 'dies', but fallen Abhorsens at the first gate explain why she must live.
Mogget's free magic spirit somehow lived, and returns to bind Kerrigor.
The main conflict in Sabriel is defeating Kerrigor to bring saftey to the kingdom. This is resolved by binding Kerrigor's spirit.
Mogget, Sabriel, and Touchstone enter said village. 'Help at last!' implies that the villagers have been hoping for help, creating the hopeful tone.
The quote is stated by the leader of a village.
"Fear and realization of ignorance, strong medicines against stupid pride."
Garth Nix- Sabriel
This illustrates a hidden mood of knowing where you stand.
This shows that fear is a necessity, no matter how mortifying something is, fear is needed to exclude people's pride from giving them false control.
Stray from the beaten path.
This theme was found in a saying from the book.
"Does the walker choose the path, or the path choose the walker?"
This would go to imply that you can go with what has been set out for you, or make your own path.
Although one could choose to follow a path set out, Garth Nix seems to make it the other way.
This fantasy was novel slow going in the beginning, but after the first four chapters, captivated me. Many cliches were used, although not poorly.
Nix weighed heavily on his character's to keep the story going rather than the plot.
Mogget's sarcasm and cynisism give dark humor, dirstracting the reader from seeing that Nix used the common complex of a girl with a cute pet.
Touchstone, who at a minimum annoyed me when he first entered, proved to become a detailed and layered character, and potential lover for Sabriel.
Sabriel's father though rarely present in scenes was a heart-warming edition. The lust between Touchstone and Sabriel was clearly geared towards preteens and teenagers.
The novel ending with Touchstone holding Sabriel as she returns froom death compels the reader to read the sequel and learn more about their relationship.
Although I cannot connect personally, many lose close family members like Sabriel did, had sibling issues like Touchstone, or found their own path.
All in all, even in the darkest light, someone is there- friend, father, or cat- and they will help in whatever "quest" you're going through.
Sabriel and the mordicant
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