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Build for Speed 2

No description

Erika Bennett

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Build for Speed 2

Our story today: 1) Teams
2) Design
3) Technology Built for Speed:
Designing Media
on a Deadline Sommer Berg
Erika Bennett Developer Customer Developer Customer Developer Customer Developer Customer Customer Developer Developer Developer Rapid prototyping allows
the creation of a quick
deliverable that can be
revised as evaluations
deem fit. Questions? Part 2: Design

Rapid Prototyping We've got all this technology/software but still no time! Part 3: Technology

Animated Tutorial Sharing
(ANTS) Developer Customer Developer Customer Customer Developer Customer Customer Customer Developer Developer Developer Also action mapping: - Image courtesy of Zacharmstrong - - Image courtesy of Unk's Dump Truck - - Image from NYPL Digital Gallery photo courtesy of ekornblut - photo courtesy of ekornblut - Session Note: [Generally
ideal of the online student] Sesson note: [Digital learning objects are seeen as more efficient - self service, point of need.] More scalable... Today's content is meant to just be an appetizer... We're not experts
- enthusiasts... Also not
you go in whole
hog; rather,
take tips
and supercharge
your teamwork
and media
design process... [supercharging
illustration] This model
is meant to help
weather winds of
organizational change...
And cut unnec.
process documentation paperwork.
The 12
of agile design.... [Here, we live demoed
the planning game
where the customer &
designer use story cards
to brainstorm. Developer leaves session with stack
of prioritized needs...] There was a
question about
licensing during
the session.

Here's the answer:,+Intellectual+Property,+and+Collaborative+Librarianship
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