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Traffic Problem

move or pay.

Kelly Ho

on 12 March 2010

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Transcript of Traffic Problem

TRaffic Problem Is rail transit the best way, costing 4 billion dollars and taking many years to build?
are carpooling, zipper lanes, express bus service and ferry service any better?
What other solutions are there?
Root of traffic problem:

Too many people, too few roads.
Many going to work or school far from home.

Ex: More homes are bulit
in Central, Leeward O'ahu

vs. jobs concentrated
downtown and in Waikiki.
Put schools and workplaces
closer to where people live. Mark Dyer (a resident of Kane'ohe) says,
According to the "Alternatives Analysis, traffic congestion
on key corridor facilities is expected to exist under
all alternatives." (Page 3-28.) Real solutions:

1. Move part of UH Manoa to Central or Leeward O'ahu. Windward students can then commute using H-3, reducing traffic over the Pali.

2. Move government offices or businesses to
Kapolei or Leeward O'ahu.

Offer incentives like tax breaks to business or government employees.

build more hotels and tourist attractions, such as a world-class aquarium in these areas. 3. Build affordable, high-rise housing
in central Honolulu. Part 2:
Implement tolling system on
the most congested roads model country:
no barrier to hold up traffic short wave radio signals connect to transponders in cars,
automatically add fare owed
to registered account in singapore:
Implementation= 125 million USD
Annual revenue= 50 million USD
Annual net profit= 40 million USD
system has paid for itself. majority of cars concentrated
in Honolulu area, rush-hour
congestion worst in nation fare varies by vehicle type, area, traffic conditions, etc.
fines and eventual
arrest has been extremely successful in Singapore
twice as effective as gas price increases
60% decrease in traffic,
cutting pollution

Oahu Toll System &
Business Relocation Plan works cited:

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/2008/06/18/." Hawaii Archives - Honolulu Star-Bulletin Archives - Starbulletin.com - Archives.starbulletin.com. Web. 05 Mar. 2010. <http://archives.starbulletin.com/2008/06/18/news/story02.html>

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Architecture Centre. Web. 05 Mar. 2010. <http://sustainablecities.dk/en/city-projects/cases/singapore-the-world-s-first-digital-congestion-charging-system>.


Moving and Tolling means Moving Motoring.
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