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Limnic Eruptions by vlad,taylor and Jaiden

No description

vlad fierastrau

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Limnic Eruptions by vlad,taylor and Jaiden

By:Taylor, Vlad, and Jaiden Natural disasters of the Limnic erupsion What is a Limnic erupsion ? Where was these eruption most commons? How is an limnic eruption formed/created The lakes were dropped down from the rain and land on volcanoes. The gases are formed from the magma right below it. Then the magma is creating steam creating a fluid containing co2 acid.The gases are not released until the volcano. But by the co2 gas is held by pressure that keep the gases at the bottom of the lake. The gas is very poisonous and asphyxiated people back in the eruption in lake Monoun. A Limnic Eruption can occur if the lake is almost soaked with Carbon Dioxide, produced greatly by a Valcano beneath the lake or from decomposing organic material. How to prevent Limnic eruption In our recent past years scientists have developed a way to prevent these natural disasters. By using tubes or pipes in lake Nyos and lake Monoun, pipes are places at the bottom of the lake and takes out the co2 gases. By taking out the co2 gas it prevents the the gases to stay below. Fun fact A limnic eruption is a release of gas specifically magma co2 that is held at bottom of lakes by pressure,and It rarely occurs. Its is a deadly gas and could travels for kilometers, Destroys everything in it path. It is a rare natural event and as only occurred twice. Limnic eruption is a catastrophic event and suffocates
anything in its path. Africa Cameroon villagers have woke up with its farm animals dead. Both eruptions took place in the Cameroon. 1984 at lake Monoun Causing a death of thirty four people, Lake Nyos was a more heavy impact and killed between 1700, 1800 people and a huge impact on animinals. Two years after the one before and occured in 1986. Carbon dioxide gases cause devastation and asphyxiates the victims. How to escape a limnic eruption: If you live in a danger zone and you smell something odd make it for high ground right away because of the co2 Fun fact Did you know a Limnic a eruption is the same as an under water valcano.
Pyroclastic Flow Fun Fact Average temperature of magma is 700˚c- 1300˚c Did you know that the gases release in a limnic eruption is is more dense than air, a cloud of one point six million tonnes. Strombolian is named after a small valcano island called Stromboli. Strombolian eruptions are distinct bursts of lava
from the opening of a magma filled summit conduit. The explosions usually occur every few minutes regular or irregular intervals. The explosions of lava, which can reach up to hundreds of meters, are caused by the build up of usually of co2 gas, which travel upward in the magma filled conduit until they reach the open air. Pyroclastic flow is a mixture of high capacity of hot, dry rock fragments and very hot gases, the eruption of the cloud makes the mixtures of ashes and rock and many more rock fragments, and rain water travel at 160kph. Most of these Pyroclastic flows consists of two parts: A basel flow of coarse fragments that move along the ground, and a turbulent cloud of ash that rises above the Basel flow. BIBLIOGRAPHY -WikiPedia
-http://www.guideto.com/ http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/hazards/pyroclasticflow/ http://www.design4disaster.org/disasters-2/natural-disasters/limnic-eruption/ Strombolian Eruption Where Have Pyroclastic Flows Occurred Pyroclastic Flows can happen anywhere as long as there has been heavy rain on the volcano. the volcano with the most recorded Pyroclastic flows is Mayon. the most famous Pyroclastic flow is the Ancient Rome eruption. this eruption dystroyed a small city and encased all of its people over time with hardened rock and ash is a famous tourist site in Rome They have also occurred in... Santorini Mayon Pinatubo Unzen http://www.volcano.si.edu/education/tpgallery.cfm?category=Pyroclastic%20Flows Fun fact Nii-Jima Komaga-Take Agustine Redoubt St.Helens And many more. Consequences of a Pyroclastic flow Some of the consequences of a Pyroclastic flow are forests on the side of the mountain like on the picture on the left. The area is affected and uninhabitable for a few days because of the deadly co2 gas. A Pyroclastic flow is so destructive because of the boulders will destroy and can carry or bury anything in their path. Did you do know that your only chance of survival is a 30 % of surviving. And lake Nyos was the biggest and deadliest lake over run that ever happened. Jaiden is awesome Where has Strombolian eruptions occurred the most? The biggest consequence of a Strombolian eruption is the fact that it erupts about every twenty minuets,when the erupt they launch small fragments of rock ash and balls of magma. Surtseyan A surtseyan eruption is a type of an eruption where lava or magma reacts with water in an explosive In most cases it happens when over time a volcano grows large enough to surfaceces. When the water turns into steam and expands when it is mixed with the lava. When the steam expands it explodes and launches small clumps of lava through the air at any near by objects. A
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