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Assessment 04.03 Humanities and Fine Arts in the Renaissance

Renaissance influences around me!

Emily Walker

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Assessment 04.03 Humanities and Fine Arts in the Renaissance

My neighbors house has many columns
supporting it! They mimic Corinthian columns, Ancient Greek and Rome's buildings featured stately columns and influenced Renaissance architecture. At my dad's house, I have bedsheets inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci! During the Renaissance time, he was a painter, sculptor, inventor, and more!
While visiting the Ringling college of art, many of its galleries
were filled with Renaissance art and architecture. There were
also many statues around the campus and galleries that were
influenced by Renaissance art! While at my previous school, I was in Drama and our troupe
had preformed Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" !
Shakespeare is a very well known Renaissance writer, and his works are found in many schools still today. My grandmother loves puzzles, and it just so happens that last summer all of the family helped put this one together. A puzzle inspired by a famous Michelangelo piece.
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