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Copy of Seed Folks Migration Project

Mrs.Morgan AP Human Geo

Savannah Grunhard

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Seed Folks Migration Project

Savannah Grunhard & Alishea Hight Seedfolks Migration Presentation Sae young Sae Young is an woman that migrates from Korea to Cleveland. She mainly immigrates to the United States for economic reasons. Her and her husband come to Cleveland to start a dry cleaning business, they save most of their money for their children's education so they can have an easier life. But unfortunately, they don't have any children and then her husband passes away. A man comes into her shop one day and abuses and robs her. She then becomes afraid of the city and people around her. She uses the garden as an outlet to feel better and to meet people. South Korea continued... Push/ Pull
factors Ravenstein's Laws Law 5: Long-distance migrants go to one of the great centers of commerce and industry Sae Young and her husband moved to Cleveland which is a rather big city versus moving to a small rural area. Law 8: Economic factors are the main cause of migration Sae Young and her husband move to America and open a dry cleaner company. Sae Young illustration South Korea South Korean flag South Korean schools Rice fields Typical Meal Buddhist temple in Seoul Sae young grows red Korean peppers in her garden Sae Young She leaves 3 funnels out to help people fill their containers for the garden Sae young and her husband own a dry cleaning shop South Korea is a highly developed nation and has the 15th highest GDP in the world. It has struggled after the Korean War but is now prospering. South Korea is a vibrant multi-party democracy. It has the 12th largest economy in the world. Although it is technologically advanced, many people emigrate for more opportunities. Private education is very costly in South Korea. Most households don't make enough money to provide this for their children. So, many people leave for educational opportunities elsewhere. There also are temporary work programs in this country and many undocumented workers. Most people who emigrate from South Korea immigrate to the United States. Push Pull - expensive education - limited economic opportunities - good college education system - start a business - save for children's college education - new start - many opportunities Google images Bibliography southkoreangovernment.com migrationinformation.com listverse.com Created By:
Savannah Grunhard & Alishea Hight AP Human Geography
Ms. Morgan Seedfolks book
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