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biomass energy Prezi

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conor coyne

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of biomass energy Prezi

by Conor Coyne and Jack Link Biomass energy what is biomass renewable Three advantages and three disadvantages Good how is it used/how does it work where it is used today Why will using biomass lower our dependency on non-renewable resources? easy to use efficient a renewable energy source A reliable energy source An efficient energy source some fun facts about biomass efficient renewable Bad smoke from burning heat escapes empties landfills burned for fuel any natural burnable product used in Asia used around the country -biomass is completely natural -biomass fuel is renewable -biomass fuel is not a "fossil fuel" Resources Biomass fueling change Renewable energy farts Thanks for watching gas and oil http://www.centreforenergy.com/AboutEnergy/Biomass/Overview.asp?page=2 Thanks for watching used in most of Europe expensive Fuel for the future
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