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Lion King Project

No description

Aaliyah Rodriguez

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Lion King Project

Scientific Name:
Panthera Leo
Root word:
Panthera - Panther

Leo - Lion
Symbiotic Relationship:
~Elephant and Bird Type: Parastism
Lion King Project: Simba
Kingdom: Animalia or Animal
~ Rhinoceros and Oxpecker (Bird) Type: Mutualism
~ Crocodile and Bird Type: Mutualism
~ Oxpecker (Bird and ZebraType: Mutualism
~ Lion ad Hyena Type: Mutulism
The sun is the main source
energy for the entire food web.
The grass is food for the
Antelope and Zebra and
it needs energy from the sun.
Zebra and Antlope both
eat grass. They are
Primary consumers.

The hyena and
lion eat the
Antelope and
Zebra. They both
are Secondary and
Tertiary Consumers.

The lion can eat
the hyena. And the
hyena can eat the lion.

Species: Panthera Leo
Genus: Panthera
Family: Felidae
Order: Carnivora
Class: Mammalia or Mammal
Phylum: Chordata

They are primary consumers because they eat plants.
They're Secondary consumers because they eat primary consumers.
They're Tertiary Consumers because the one or the other so if a lion eats a hyena it become a Tertiary Consumer because a hyena is a Secondary consumer. And vice versa
Crocodile and Bird
Elephant and Bird
Lion ad Hyena
Oxpecker and Zebra
Rhinoceros and Oxpecker
The oxpecker eats the ticks off the Rhino.
Lioness kill for food for pack lions eat then whatever is left the hyenas eat.
The bird eats the bugs off of the elephant for food.
Oxpecker eats tick off the zebra and other animals.
Tropical Savanna Biome:
~ High temperures and Low precipitation
~Scattered trees and Grasslands
Tropical Rainforest Biome:
~ High tempertures and High precipitation
~Broadleaf evergreens and other varied plantlife
Simba's Adaptations:
~ A lion's coat is tan to blend in it's environment.
~ A lion's roar is used to communicate with other group and warn intruders of territorial boundaries.
~ A lion's claws help grab things and hold their prey.
~ A lion's tongue helps peel the skin away from fresh and flesh away from bone.
~ A lion's loose belly skin allows a lion to be kicked by prey with little chance of injury.

Abiotic factor surounding Pride Rock:
~ Rock
~ Heat
~ Water
~ Air
~ Soil
Biotic factors surrounding Pride Rock:
~ Lions
~ Trees
~ Grass
~ Hyenas
~ Red Billed Hornbill
The End...
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