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No description

Trisha Long

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Potatoes

Distributors All About Potatoes! Consumption Globalized Food Systems Our food system has became globalized because:
Migration of people that bring different food to the country

Exports of different food for money Local Food vs. Global Food Systems By:Trisha Long Potatoes This is a graph of the most potato production in Canada Potatoes were first cultivated over 500 years ago in South America, specifically from the Andes mountains. They were then brought to Europe in the 1500's by spanish explorers. Today, they are the world's fourth largest food crop and are eaten everywhere. There are many different types of potatoes and many ways we can eat them; baked, mashed, boiled and roasted etc. Production Potatoes are grown all over the provinces of Canada but where the most potatoes are grown is Prince Edward Islands (consisting of 1/3 of Canada's potato production.) Second biggest production is Manitoba. And third would be Alberta or New Brunswick. A Graph Of The Potato Consumption Globally Today potatoes are grown everywhere around the world. China holds the world's top potato production followed by India, Russia and the United States. Local A Graph Of The Most Produced Potatoes In Canada (2006) As you can see, the Atlantic region represented 42% of the production Global Local Food:
More of a local economy
More nutritious Global Food:
Longer Expiry Date Distributions Global Distributions Local Distributors Locally grown potatoes are transported by trucks to factories for processing and packaging. Packages are then shipped to local supermarkets by trucks or small boats. Some local distributors (Canada) include:
Atlantic Potato Distributors
True North Seed Some global distributors include:
Black Gold Farms
Oregon Potato Co. The global potatoes are transported from the farm to factories where they can be packaged. Then, they are exported by boats, ships and airplanes to supermarkets world-wide Potatoes are world-wide consumed by people. Thanks For Listening! Where We Can Buy Potatoes Local Global Local Potato Markets Supermarkets Hope you have learned something new about the process about potatoes! Reference Section Potato - April 2013 -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potato May 2013
Canadian Potatoes - August 2011 http://www.marquecanadabrand.agr.gc.ca/fact-fiche/4691-eng.htm May 2013
Potatoes Canada - April 2013 http://www.potatoescanada.com/welcome-to-potatoes-canada.aspx May 2013
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