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Queen Elizabeth I created by maurie zhang

Great teaching resource to introduce the Elizabethan Era. Background music-The Festival Choir of Madison performing Sweet and Merry Month of May by William Byrd, Bruce Gladstone conducting.

Maurie Zhang

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth I created by maurie zhang

*Prezi Created By Maurie Zhang
Queen Elizabeth I
Henry VIII was desperate for a male heir
He wanted to divorce Katherine because she couldn't give him a son
The pope didn't let him get a divorce
So Henry put himself at the head of the newly formed English church
Got a divorce from Katherine of Aragon
Married Anne Boleyn because he thought that she would be able to give him a son
The dynasty of the Tudors was symbolized by the Tudor Rose
Represented the fusion of the Lancastrian and Yorkist noble factions
Fusion symbolized by the White rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster.
Portrait of Henry VIII
Portrait of Anne Boleyn
How England became Protestant
Another Unwanted Daughter
Governess/first tutor-Kate Ashley taught Elizabeth basic grammar

At five she was expected to learn foreign languages

The famous scholar and humanist Roger Ascham gave her lessons on languages, grammar, theology, history, rhetoric, logic, philosophy, arithmetic, logic, literature, geometry, and music
Elizabeth I Becomes Queen
Although both Elizabeth and Mary were considered Henry's illegitimate children, their father did include them in his will
Mary was first in line after Edward VI
Elizabeth was second
Elizabeth's half siblings
Elizabeth's stepmothers
Well Educated
Elizabeth's birth got Henry very disappointed
After Elizabeth's birth Mary wasn't allowed to see her mother
She was forced to say that her parents were never married
Her title had to be given up
After Anne had two miscarriages Henry believed his second marriage was cursed
Anne Boleyn -executed in May of 1536
Elizabeth declared illegitimate and her title was changed as well
Q: So who's fault was it?
Although Henry blamed his wives when they gave birth to girls instead of boys; ironically it was really his fault
Men have X and Y chromosomes
Women have two X chromosomes
Moms can only give the child an X
And since everyone has at least one X; a child's gender depends solely on the chromosome the father gives the child
At eleven Elizabeth I had learned to speak five languages other than English
January 15, 1559, Elizabeth I became Queen
Supported by the majority of English people
Half-sister Mary I was extremely unpopular in England because she tried to force the Protestant country to re-embrace Catholicism
The total cost of the celebrations, excluding the coronation banquet was £16,741, which according to one calculation would equal about £3.5 million today
*died soon after giving birth to Edward VI
Did you know that.......
Anne gave birth to Elizabeth at Greenwich palace Sep. 7, 1533
......Elizabeth I never married?
Because of this she was known as the Virgin Queen
Other nicknames given to her include Gloriana and Good Queen Bess
Even though she never married there were many rumors that said that she had affairs with several of the men in her court
.....Elizabeth was so afraid of mice that she would scream and climb on a chair if she saw one?
...she had black teeth?
Elizabethans were extremely fond of sugary foods, and even though they cleaned their teeth , many people's teeth turned yellow or black.
Queen Elizabeth's tooth condition was so bad that it was hard to understand what she was saying at times.
...Elizabeth didn't take that many baths?
People during the Elizabethan era felt that bathing was a luxury not a necessity.
Elizabeth only took a bath every couple weeks, which was actually more frequent than most people.
Portrait of Katherine of Aragon
While Katherine was married to Henry VIII she gave birth to many children but all were stillborn except for Mary I
Elizabeth I enjoyed watching plays
Shakespeare was her favorite playwright
The Queen loved music
William Byrd was her favorite composer
Elizabeth's Favorites
Elizabeth enjoyed horse riding and hunting
This sweet and merry month of May,
While Nature wantons in her prime,
And birds do sing, and beasts do play
For pleasure of the joyful time

I choose the first for holiday,
And greet Eliza with a rhyme:
O beauteous Queen of second Troy,
Take well in worth a simple toy.
This Sweet and Merry Month of May
*This song was written in honor of Queen Elizabeth I
written by William Byrd
Sources from Gale Biography in Context
"Elizabeth I." Historic World Leaders. Gale, 1994. Biography In Context.
Elizabeth I." Encyclopedia of World Biography. Detroit: Gale, 1998. Biography In Context.
Sources for Prezi
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