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No description

Yvette Chou

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Advertisement

Potion of Oblivion Have you ever failed a test and lost hope in future tests, wishing that you forget the red mark "0" on the test grade? Have you ever embarrased yourself
in front of the whole entire school
and wished that you can never remember
the incident ever again? 33% answered yes 60% answered yes Have you ever experienced
a miserable relationship and
thought that you would never
walk out of the shadows of that
relationship unless you let go of
those memories?
70 % answered yes Have you ever wanted to end your life
because of some shameful or unforgettable
memories that taint the rest of your life?! 80 % answered yes Have you ever thought the book
on Dr. Drake Ramoray's "545 Steps
to Mend Your Heart" was just to
earn your money and waste your time?

99.9% answered Yes It is proven that suicide is the third
major cause of death of
people all over the world. Yes, if you are someone who fits into one or
more than one of the categories mentioned

helps you forget the unwanted and the unforgettable.

- 1 drop -> You forget what happened 1 hour ago.
- 2 drops -> You forget what happened 2 hours ago.
- 1 spoon -> Yesterday
- 1 cup -> a month
- half a bottle -> a year
- 3 bottles-> You're ready to begin a new life! User's Responses

- Justine Hsu (a 17 year old, trouble-some teeager):
" It as the first time I realize life
isn't so bad! I could face
tomorrow again! No
longer do I need to face
the edge of the building
anymore, pondering
whether or not to jump
down, because I have
Potion of Oblivion!

Compare! Ms. Hao (a highschool teacher with plenty
of experiences in life)
"I felt like Dr. Drake Ramoray's book
only provided the methods and
the lectures, but there was no actual
way of making life better. Potion of Oblivion was the thing that really worked
its magic and did the work!" Potion of Oblivion!

Potion of Pro-Life!
Potion of Hope! Order for just $99.99 at
15 dollars cheaper than
Dr. Drake Ramoray's
useless book! Concerns?

No, it doesn't affect your health,
only deletes the memory in your brain and heals your heart! Skeptical?

It's cheap and useful; it comes into effect
after 5 minutes! The potion is made up of
natural herbs of the deep mountains and
benefitial chemicals from Dr.Yvette's Lab.
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