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Jim Crow Laws

No description

Vance Tompkins

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow laws
Why were the Jim Crow Laws created?
Jim Crow believed that god
supported racial segregation.
How did the Jim Crow Laws affect African Americans?
African Americans lives were majorly affected by the laws. It was mainly put there cause of the African Americans, they were not treated good . Whites would insult african americans and also beat and kill them.
How did they affect Whites?
There was a poll tax receipt issued
to both races.
Jim Crow was actor named Thomas Dartmouth Rice. he was a white man who acted out a slave by coloring his face.
Posters & Maps
When were the Jim Crow Laws banned?
Who was Jim Crow, and why were they named the Jim Crow Laws?
Did they only apply to African Americans or to other races?
What jobs could African Americans Get or not get?
When were the Jim Crow Laws established and where?
What were punishments for not following the Jim Crow Laws?
What are the Jim Crow Laws?
The Jim Crow laws were a caste system which was primarily based on african american's
Jim Crow believed whites were the chosen ones, and blacks were cursed to be servants.
Almost any state or city you went to legal actions could be made if you were caught interacting with another race.
Every state had the poll tax for the poor whites and poor African Americans, anywhere from North Dakota to California.
The Jim Crow laws was coming to an end in 1954 to he Supreme court.Later on Jim Crow laws were over ruled by the civil rights act in 1965, also by the voting rights act of 1965.
African Americans could work at few places and not work at a few places. They could not work at Barber shops, Burial, blind wards, and they couldnt work as nurses. African Americans could only work at Libraries, seperate mental hospitals, farms, and as a teacher. If African Americans were teaching they had to teach there color.
The laws affected were they could get jobs and eat and live. It separated them from the whites in everything.
The Laws did apply to other races but there were a lot more African Americans in America At the time so the African Americans were mostly affected by the laws.
The other races were affected the same ways as African Americans. Other races had to do the same as the African Americans.
the Jim crow laws came into act in 1887 after the civil war in the south.
The majority of the southern states required the law but a few mainly to the west only made the law optional.
They were called the Jim crow laws cause Jim crow was displayed as clumsy and uneducated and imitated the way African Americans talk in an exagerated tone.
Prison or jail time
verbal abuse
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