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All About Me Haley Z.

No description

Haley Zabukovec

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of All About Me Haley Z.

My Favorite Things
Color- Blue
Book- diary of a wimpy kid
Food- Cheese Burgers
Subject- Social Studies Mr.Pearl
Hobby- Cooking
Place to visit- SC Hilton Head
Sport- Don't have one
Store- Dollar Tree

All About Me Haley Z.
In spare time i like to...
Spin Flag
Ride bike
Play on electronic
I'm really looking forward to this year because...
Camp Mi-Bro-Be
Three words that describe me!
In the future I'd like to ...
be a Chef and open my own Restaurant
My Family
My Mom, Salina My Dad, Joesph My sisters, Amber,Ashley,Alexis,Madison,Shannon My Dog Daisy and My Cats Callie And Bubba
My birthday is...
July 19, 2005 at about 5:30 in the morning
When it comes to school am am really good at ...
I am really good at English because i had the same teacher 3 years Mrs. Brandt
School Challenges
When it come to school the most challenging thing is Math because its the most challenging for me
My favorite Spot to do home work is . . .
Either in the kitchen, my living room or my bedroom. AWAY FROM SISTERS!!!
I learn the best when . . .
it is fun i like when learning is fun
This year i am going to work hard to . . .
to turn all my home work in
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