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Romeo and Juliet ABC Book

No description

David Delatorre

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet ABC Book

Romeo and Juliet ABC BOOK
Benvolio is Romeos best friend and also his cousin is also a very nice guy and doesn't like to fight
Capulet is one of the leaders of the houses that are fighting. He was going to force Juliet to marry Paris which made her fake her death.
A- Apart
Romeo and Juliet are apart because of the family rivalry between the Montague's and Capulet's.
Romeo and Juliet both end up killing themselves, first when Romeo thinks Juliet is dead and then when Juliet finds Romeo dead
Romeo and Juliet are very emotional and end up killing themselves because of the feelings they have for each other.
Two family's are fighting until Juliet and Romeo kill themselves. Due to their deaths the family's made up so their would be no more death.
Romeo and Juliet both get their hearts broken when they think they find each other dead, so they both end up killing themselves because they see no other way.
Infatuation is a strong liking for another person, Romeo is very infatuated with Juliet after a very short amount of time
Juliet is one of the main characters and play really one of the most important roles. She is the reason for Romeo's death.
Romeo kills Tybalt and himself, Juliet also kills herself. There are many people who get killed, it is much death.
L- Love
As soon as Romeo Gets a little look at Juliet he falls in love with her instantly and completely forgets about Rosaline.
M- Montague
Montague is the family that Romeo was born into. They are against the Capulet's and it creates much conflict in Verona
The nurse takes care of Juliet and is like a mother to her, she can be a little silly but is seriouse when she needs to be
Romeo is the main character, he is the reason for many deaths and he is in love with Juliet at first sight and totally forgets about Rosaline at that moment
When Romeo and Juliet do things like kiss they it is considered a sin which is breaking Gods rule
The citizens of Verona are in quarrel, they disagree on who is the better family
Romeo uses poison to kill himself when he thinks Juliet is dead and he dies as she wakes from her sleep.
Tybalt was Juliet's cousin who killed Mercutio, Tybalt's death is by Romeo which get Romeo banished
This is where Juliet talks to herself about Romeo and her love for him. It is also where they kiss and where Romeo has to hide.
U-Unconditional Love
At the beginning of the play, Romeo loves a girl named Rosaline. But towards the end, he falls in love with Juliet. They can't be together so they kill themselves.
This play is set in the city of Verona, Italy and it is where everything happens
W- Weeping
Romeo was weeping because Rosealine wont have intercourse with him, so he finds him someone who will.
X- Exile
Romeo is exiled from Verona for committing a murder, the murder of Juliet's cousin Tybalt

Y- Young love
Romeo and Juliet are young and very much in love with each other. It is also weird because Romeo is 17 and Juliet is only 13
Romeo got game, so he left Rosaline who wouldn't have a physical relation ship with him and found Juliet who would.
Romeos Zeal is strong for Juliet and gets them both killed
David Delatorre
Nick Shafer
Dylan Hall
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