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Ashley Loh

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Pilgrims

What Men Wore
On Sundays, men always wore black clothes and tall black hats. Pilgrim men also wore long-sleeved blue or green shirts. Men also wore woolen or leather jackets called doublets and pants called breeches.

What Women Wore
The women wore long gray dresses with white collars as their Sunday clothes. Normally, the women wore long woolen dresses of red, green, or blue, and wore white linen caps that covered their ears.
What Boys Wore
What Girls Wore
Thank you for watching!
By Ashley and Daniel
Special Jobs for Girls and Boys
Both the boys and girls shelled corn. They did this by scraping the kernels of the corn off of the cob along the edge of a shovel or against the long handle part of a pan. Boys and girls also cooked turkey as an all-day job. First, they used an iron rod called a "spit" and went all they way through the turkey. The handle of the "spit" needed to be turned on all sides until the turkey was cooked. This work was very hot, and took seven hours. In addition, boys and girls did mattress making, by putting pine needles, corn husks, or feathers into some linen bags. Furthermore, both girls and boys gathered special grasses to make thatch to be their roofs for houses. Lastly, they picked mussels from the rocks in the water and dug for clams in the mud.
What Pilgrims Wore
All Pilgrims wore brightly colored clothes everyday except for Sundays. Whenever it's cold, they wore red or purple capes. All the clothes the Pilgrims wore the first year were the clothes that they brought with them on to the "Mayflower", the ship they went on.
Girls dressed just like their mothers dressed. When the days are colder than other days, girls wore red or purple capes with hoods.
Jobs for Boys
Boys had many important jobs in cape cod. For example, boys watched the cornfield, they made wooden pegs, they also helped hunt food and they even helped build houses.

Jobs for Girls
Girls main jobs were usually to help their mom with washing and also to help to cook and serve meals for the pilgrims.

School for Children
During the first year in Cape Cod, there were no schools. Luckily, kids learned the ABC's from a horn book. A horn book was not like real books. They didn't have pages. It was just a piece of wood with another piece of paper on top of it. The ABC's would be printed on to that paper. On top of that, there is a sheet of animal horn to protect it. Not everybody knew how to read, so the ones who knew, taught others. They read bibles too. There weren't many books, so everybody had to read the same books.
The young boys wore long dresses until they were six. After, they dressed like men. In summer, children and many grown-ups went barefoot because of the heat.

Sunday Clothes
A Hornbook
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