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Nahdet Misr Party

No description

Khaled Elhady

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Nahdet Misr Party

Nahdet Misr Party Party & Members Flool A new Party IDEOLOGY Why? Ahmed AbolNazar Stance of the party towards the current political scene References: Capitalist Liberal Central Sufi RIGHT LEFT RELEGIOUS Secular Salafy Ikhwan Sufi Constitution
1st Members AlAshraf Sufi Youth Vice presidents Local National Security Foreign Policy Regime Local Foreign Palestine Egyptian role Arabs Political Corruption Shura Council Elections Presidential Parliamentary Semi-Presidential Membership Funds Donations Head Vice Inactive Flool Elections
2010 History Worker Watany Member 2005 AlAshraf Economic advisor Founder of Nahdet Misr Party Businessman Sufi (AlBayomia Way) Presidential Council Amr Moussa Omar Soliman Mohamed ElBaradie Ayman Nour http://www.bbcalex.com/News/News.asp?id=78486 http://www.nahdetmasrparty.org/contactus.jsp Thank You Khaled Elhady Nehal Alaa Eldin Marie Georges Mariam Mohamed Habiba Abou Dief Mayar Moustafa Ahmed Galal Ahmed AbdelGawad Rana Atef Conferences Single one Sufi at Aswan Conferences Single one Sufi in Aswan ?! http://sync-egypt.org/nahditmasrparty/index.php
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