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Kendo presentation

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Michael motta

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Kendo presentation

History Kendo Kendo is a form a Japaneses sword fencing that has existed since the kamakura period (1185-1233). During the time of Kendo's development it was under strong influence of Zen Buddhism. Kendo means "way of the sword" and it derives from traditional swordsmanship called kenjustu. It was one of the main martial pursuits of military clans in early Japan. Many warriors were enlighten through Kendo and they built schools of Kendo training which stayed for centuries and established the basis of Kendo practice today Equipment The shinai is the sword used for training and Kendo. It is made of flexable bamboo. Bogu is the armor put on for training and competition. It is made up of the Men,(helmet and shoulder guards) Kote,(hand and forearm protecters) Do (Breastplate) and Tare (groin and leg protector) The keigoki is a cotton jacket worn within the dojo and Hakama are skirt like trousers also worn within the dojo. it is coustomary that they are naval blue. Scoring Scoring is done by hitting certain areas.
these areas are the head (Men) wrists or fore arms(Kote) the torso (Do) or the throat area (tuski). The strikes must be delivered with clarity and precision using the outer third of the shinai.
The judges look for strong form. Citations "Point areas used in Kendo." http://sckendo.ca. St. Catharines Kendo Club. Web. 27 May 2013. "Equipment and clothing." Kendo.com. N.p.. Web. 27 May 2013. <http://kendo.com/equipment>. "Kendo." http://www.kodokankendo.org. Victor Harris. Web. 27 May 2013. <http://www.kodokankendo.org/what-is-kendo/and-more>. Bibliography Youtube.com
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