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What Summer Has to Offer

No description

Tyler Wylam

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of What Summer Has to Offer

The Big Picture
So basically all i want this summer is to move keep moving forward and take no steps back, i want to be happy with who i am and what im doing with my life and i will do what i can to achieve my goals.
I will continue to work at Hawg Dawgs, a restaurant in Valley Springs that i spend a good part of the week working.
I start my first college class, "Calculus" two days before graduation day and it continues for five weeks.
I've found that as i work more and more i don't get enough rest and it effects my attitude throughout the day so i will sleep in as much as i can to get the sandman off my back.
Much Needed Family Time
Again as my parents work and i do too plus college and trying to make time for friends i don't see my parents as much as i would like to so ill try to visit them at work of go out to lunch every now and again this summer.
What Summer Has to Offer
Thank you!
I will soon graduate high school and move on to the next steps of life.
I will also be taking my first college level technology class online this summer.
The summer will hold plenty of activities, but for the most part the activities will play a role in my college or work life.
Ill be saving as much money as i can to be able to move out someday and be financially stable enough to live.
- Tyler Wylam
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