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SEAL Team 6 E-Commerce Design Critique

Comparison between "bicyclewarehouse.com" and "bicyclebuys.com"

Naipong Vang

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of SEAL Team 6 E-Commerce Design Critique

MIS 434 Interface Design Critique Naipong Vang
Alicia Roberts
Nik Hofbauer Presentation Goals Cover presentation, usability and security of two websites related to bicycle shopping
Showcase understanding of good and bad website design
Reinforce importance of customer perspective
Share resources to improve e-commerce Top 10 Things Customers Expect from a Web Store Source: http://www.getelastic.com/ customer-expectations/ Store Ratings Bicyclebuys Bicyclewarehouse The Bad The Good www.BicycleBuys.com www.BicycleWarehouse.com VS. User rating from Resellerratings.com Rating from Stellaservice.com Consumer Perspective Why am I here?
What can I do here?
Why should I stay? Mobile Website Let's buy a bike seat today... Bicycle Warehouse Quick Links - Good Clean drop-down menu and contact information is easily seen. Busy drop-down menu and contact information is posted at the bottom of the page. First Impressions Bicycle Warehouse - Good Bicycle Buys - Bad Bicycle Buys Quick Links - Bad 1. Basic Search Function 3. Cart Subtotal 4. Contact 5. "Who we are" 6. Social Media Integration 7. Cart/Account Access 8. Categorized Shopping 9. 20 Year Experience 10. Visual Categories 11. Social Media
Connect 12. Payment/Security 13. Awards 14. Sponsorship/Goodwill 15. Navigation Menu 16. News #1 Subscribed E-commerce Blog 2. Store Locator Product Presentation- Good Customer reviews and ratings
Available description, specifications, and part numbers
Quantity option Bicycle Buys Product Presentation - Bad Busy
Small description
No customer reviews or ratings
Cannot choose the quantity Bicycle Warehouse 1. Large Margins
(Looks designed for older browsers) 5. Search with Filter 6. Most popular products 7. More Categories 18. Intrusive Floating Ads 20. Two Tiered Categories 4.Special Offer 2. Mini Toolbar 3. Cart 10. Most Popular Drive Train Categories 11. Welcome Statement 12. Contact Info 13. Legal 14. Navigation 15. Products Carriers 16. More Specials 8. Popular Categories 9. New Products Cart View
- Norton (VeriSign Secured)
-Authorized by E-Commerce Solutions
-Gives you good feeling Cart View
Network Solutions Guarantee
Doesn't make you feel secure
No logo's like Bicycle Warehouse Bicycle Warehouse Brings you to a whole different website that's fast, safe and secure. VeriSign Logo makes
consumer feel safe VeriSign is the most trusted website certificate. They are very expensive to purchase, and are considered the best in the business mostly for their logo. Networks Solutions is a trusted website certificate. It is not well known like VeriSign and will make consumers especially who aren't tech-savvy weary. WHAT DOES IT COME DOWN TO??? Which store would you rather shop at? Bicycle Warehouse Shopping Cart Bicycle Buy Shopping Cart 3rd Party Checkout for Bicycle Warehouse Highlights Certification Logo's BicycleWarehouse.com BicycleBuys.com Good Bad Good Bad Small amount of powerful interface features
Visual and text categories are appealing
Filter rich search function
Builds company brand image with upcoming events, mission statement and 20 year experience
Clean professional look
Ability to create a personalized account for future use
Social Media Connected
Credentials and payment options clear Presentation
Outline Intro (Naipong) 2 min
Introduce team
Presentation Goals
Top 10 Customer Needs
Presentation (Naipong) 2 min
First Impressions
Class feedback
Usability (Alicia) 2 min
Mobile site
Drop Down Menus
Company Contact info
Product presentation
Security (Nik) 2 min
Shopping Cart
Certificate Differences
Conclusion (Nik) 1 min
BicycleWarehouse is a better shopping experience overall compared to BicycleBuys No auto-complete in search
No actual product on front page
No live customer support SEAL Team 6 Products are focus of main page
Categories have products
MSRP info products Blocky outdated buttons
Toolbar and categories are too cluttered
Account and Cart are hidden
Floating ad to welcome you
Too many interface buttons
No autocomplete search BicycleWarehouse.com is more appealing, has an updated clean interface and holds more valuable features. Conclusion BicycleWarehouse is a better shopping experience than BicycleBuys based on presentation, usability and security 17. Clean Margins 17. Right side dedicated to specials What about the shopping experience? Thanks for listening! Questions?
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