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Propmore Company

No description

James Walker

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Propmore Company

Propmore Company Bayonia Marshall
James Walker Don should start an investigation on Bill Smith to see his actions towards other females he works with or asks out to lunch,
Wait a week and speak to Jane to see if her story changes or she calmed down about the incident,
Carefully watch Jane behavior being as though she had a careless attitude 2 months after a similar situation not taken seriously at her previous job,
Take Airgoods off of the bidding list and find another company,
Take Bill off the case and bring in another Sales Representative. 1. What would you have done in Don Stradford's position?

2. If you were Jane would you have went to lunch and would you have made a complaint?

3. How do you feel Don handled the case?

4. How would you have handled the situation if you were Airgoods Corporation?

5. Since Jane had the same issue occur at another job previous to Propmore would you take this situation serious after reading her file? Best Solution The first best possible solution requires having Bill Smith removed from any affiliation or dealing with Propmore with Jane notified so she will feel comfortable working with Airgoods. In order for things to not become exploited only Bill and his boss Joe will know why Bill was removed.
The second is to oversee Jane and her performance because Don and his company will be affected. Important Facts Solutions Questions Issues/Facts Sexual Harassment The Company 500 million sales per year
Net profit margin of 5%
Return on equity of 15 percent
Uses key components from aerospace industry and consumer market.
Leading in its field of expertise
Financially successful and treats its people well Don Bradford graduated from a respected four year college with an MBA
B.S. in Engineering
work in Aerospace industry for 3 years
Was a design engineer
First three years at Propmore was a buyer. Division Purchasing Manager
Good working relationship with his superiors and subordinates Jane Thompson 34 years old
Been at Propmore for 10 years
B.A. in English Literature
Two year experience as a material expediter
Hired as a purchasing assistant at first but became a buyer after two years.
Worked with Don for four years Bill Smith Works for Airgoods Corporation
Has three children
Abandoned by his wife
Valued Employee of Airgoods Corp. Case Bill took Jane out to lunch after a meeting
Bill started to flirt with Jane toward the end of the lunch date.
Jane was offended and asked to be taken back to the office
Bill apologized in the car but then made more advances toward Jane.
Jane stormed into Don's office to tell him what had happened at lunch Joe Maxwell Airgoods Corp. Calls Don Jane threatened to sue propmore for not protecting her and she threatened to tell Airgoods Corp. about Bill's behavior
Don looked up the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission definition of S.H.
Don looks up the company HR-13 policy
Don spoke to Ann Perkins(Human Resource Manager)
Don reviewed Jane's file
Don calls his superior Mr. Stewart Closing Comments Principles and Theories of Management Discrimination: Harassment is a form of discrimination because it is defined as any form of unsolicited, deliberately offensive behavior that has been requested to be stopped.
If someone says or does something to make you feel uncomfortable, or if you are put at risk in any way, that constitutes harassment.
By law, sexual harassment is considered to be a form of sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
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