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martial arts

No description

Alex Christopherson

on 4 May 2012

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Transcript of martial arts

Martial arts has been around for many centuries origin of martial arts is
to distant
the Qin dynasty
king ordered all weapons
storage so they came up with martial art Jujitsu and Muy Thai
Kung Fu and Wushu
Taekwondo andJudo
Kickboxing andKarate
and Kempo proper etiquette is needed you must wear your gi and your obi (belt). obi can be different colors - white,
yellow, orange, green, blue, purple,
brown, black careers - military, actor or actress, body guard, UFC fighter the next Jet Li or Jackie Chan Thank you for your time Iiado, Aikdo, Bushido, and Shogun
for weapons
the sword, staff, short staff,
num chucks, rapiers, scythes,
or even the fan. forcing them to learn some way
to protect themselfs
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