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RUSSIA. Inside&Outside

About Russia, by BMSTU students, with love)

Kirill Abrosimov

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of RUSSIA. Inside&Outside

Russia Inside&Outside General facts Area: 17 098 246 km2
Population: 143 369 806 The biggest country in the world Russia State symbols Flag Coat of arms Moscow Capital of Russia First reference: 1147 year AD
The most populous city in Europe after Istambul

The biggest population of billionaires
The most beautiful subway (more than 11 000 000 people) Saint-Petersburg, "North Capital" Nature People Aurora Borealis Beyond the polar circle South resorts Subtropics The deepest one Lake Baikal The largest storage of sweet water (20% of world resource) Boundless steppes Boundless forests Taiga, or boreal forest - is a biome characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of pines, spruces and larches. It is largest natural area of Russia. Saint-Petersburg "North capital" country of great diversity Multinational country All folks Russia accepted - all were preserved. Catherine the Great Multiconfessional 200 nationalities! Orthodoxy country Islam Buddhism Judaism Other christian confession Temple of All Religions - the 1st - the 9th Friendship of Nations fountain, Moscow Culture Saint Basil's Cathedral The Moscow City One of the Seven Sisters at night The landlord house in Abramtsevo estate Literature A.S. Pushkin L.N. Tolstoi A.P. Chehov F.M. Dostoevskii M.A. Sholokhov Painting A.K. Savrasov A. Rublev I.I. Shishkin Morning in a Pine Forest The Trinity The Rooks Have Come Back I.S. Glazunov The Great Experiment M.Z. Shagal The Painter over Vitebsk Music P.I. Chaikovskii S.V. Rahmaninov M.P. Mussorgsky L.I. Utyosov V.S. Vysotsky V.R. Tsoi Ballet Cuisine Economics - 2,39 billions $ Facts&Numbers People - the largest exporter of gas
- the 2nd largest exporter of oil
- the 2nd largest exporter of weapons Funny!
But let’s look a little bit deeper! … nothing! Nothing can surprise them … Russian Happy Meal even in space Wear fur hat with ear flaps Russians are scary Bears are everywhere Or what foreigners think about Russia Russia. Stereotypes. Made by immigrants from Russia Made by immigrants from Russia Made by immigrants from Russia Disputed primacy Disputed primacy Disputed primacy Disputed primacy Absolute primacy
Tetris Absolute primacy
Parachute Absolute primacy
Electric arc welding Absolute primacy
First laser – ‘mazer’ Absolute primacy
Nuclear Power Plant Absolute primacy
H-bomb Absolute primacy
Space Absolute primacy Absolute primacy
Disputed primacy
Made by immigrants from Russia 3 types of Russia inventions Russian inventions that changed world Absolute primacy
Nuclear icebreaker Science&technique
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