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The Long And The Short And the Tall- The Character Bamforth

No description

Abiman Ravishanker

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Long And The Short And the Tall- The Character Bamforth

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In addition to this Bamforth is the only who is prepared to kill the Japanese solider when Jonestone orders him to. The fact that he is following orders from Jonestone is unusual because both of them don't get on very well. Furthermore he compares killing a man to carving a pig which shows that he does not have any respect and thoughts for Tojo. As the play progresses Bamforth is ordering Tojo to do things and such as telling him to stand up and sit down. also he is almost threatening Tojo by holding his bayonet towards his neck. However as the play progresses the audience starts to see the soft side of Bamforth. This is because since he see Tojo's family photos he realises that Tojo has a family back at home who are very scared and frightened that he might not come back. Bamforth offers Tojo a cigarette but he is stopped by Jonstone saying that he needs to ask for permission. he reply's back saying" I don't ask you before I give the bloke a fag!"
This shows that he is very defensive towards Tojo. However it depends how the audience interprets Bamforths behavior here because we don't know if he was being kind to Tojo or just trying to start another argument with Jonstone as we know they don't get on well together. Bamforth By Abiman Ravishanker In the beginning of the play
Bamforth is present in a negative way by Hall as he is arguing with all of his troop members. We are given the sense,by his attitude at the start of the play, that he doesn't want to be in the army and he hates being ranked in the army. In addition he doesn't like to be given orders. we know he doesn't like to be in the army and he doesn't like his fellow troop members as he says "Nobody likes you, you horrible taff!" In Willis Halls The Long The Short And The Tall Private Bamforth is effectively constructed and presented to the audience through various techniques such as: his relationships; dialogue; changes during the play etc. Furthermore later in the play Johnstone
tears Tojo's family photos in front of him and as Tojo stands up Mcleish strikes him across the face.
bamforth who comes back from the veranda questions" what's up? whats he done to ask for that?" this shows that he is standing up for Tojo. he also argues back at Mcleish saying that he gave Tojo the cigarettes and Tojo did not steal them. he is very angry at his troop members as he says"You bastards. You even had to rip his pictures up. You couldn't even leave him them." in the play thw word "you" and the phrase You couldn't even leave him them", is repeated to emphasize how angry he is. at this point in the play we see the soft side of Bamforth and the audience is shown that he has respect for a man and is very respectful. all the other troops think it is wrong for Tojo to have British things, but then he defends Tojo by questioning Whittiker of all the Japanese "souvenirs" he has in his locker back at base. Bamforth gives Tojo a water to drink but he is interrupted by Johnstone again. Bamforth tells Mitchem arguing that Tojo has to drink. Mitchem reply's that he gave water to Tojo in the afternoon. Bamforth says "he's not a camel".
this shows that Bamforth does not like the way that Tojo is being treated by the other members of the troop. when Mitchem announces that Tojo will not be coming back to base Bamforth gets very angry an calls him a bastard.
he tells everyone that they cant kill Tojo but they all refuse except from
Smith who tells Bamforth to leave him out.
When Mcleish refuses to be on Bamforth's side Bamforth tells Mcleish "I hope they carve up your bloody brother" he says this so Mcleish knows how he is feeling. it also shows Bamforth can made good friends with Tojo. hey hey when Whittker kills Tojo Bamforth gets very angry and tells whittker "you've got the biggest souvenir of all" Bamforth is killed.
the rest of the troop is killed except for Johnstone who surrenders. the curtains close. this creates tension as we dont know what happens to Johnstone. the character Bamforth is successfully presentes by Hall through the use of relationship and changes as bamforths behaviour changes throughout the play which makes him a very significant and important character in The Long The Short And The Tall. THANK YOU
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