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Lost in Yonkers

No description

Keana Albalos

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Lost in Yonkers

About the Author Anecdotes The death of Neil's beloved first wife Joan in 1973 from cancer
Danny Simon, Neil's older brother
Raised in New York
As a child Neil’s father had to leave to support his family, while Neil and Danny stayed with family members Works Cited Dyobcrystal. "Character Analysis: Lost in Yonkers." Scribd. N.p., 14 Nov. 2009. Web. 30 Apr. 2013.
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"Neil Simon." Vanity Fair. N.p., Oct. 2007. Web. 03 May 2013. Lost in Yonkers By: Damaris Garcia, Keana Albalos,
Alex Syed, Jessleen Rabauliman and Taro Schmeeckle Fun Facts What Questions Do You Have? Characters in Lost in Yonkers Arty
Aunt Bella
Grandma Kurnitz
Uncle Louie
Aunt Gert Neil Simon Regional and
Historical Influences -World War Two- Jobs, Draft, family is German Jewish - New York, accent, drinks, baseball Major Plot points: Major Themes: - Survival
- Importance of Family
- Acceptance Jay and Arty's mother dying
Eddie leaving to work
The boys stays with Grandma
Louie hiding from the mob
Bella wanting to get married Born in Bronx, New York on July 4, 1927.
Went to NYU and the University of Denver.
He became part of the staff of “Your Show of Shows”
1960’s Simon began writing plays for Broadway -Pain through Humor Literary Techniques: - German- Grandma, accent, Mustard Soup (Family is also Jewish) Author's Notoriety Simon's work has made him one of the most popular playwrights today
most formidable comedic writer in American theatre
holds the record for the most plays running simultaneously on Broadway Literary Criticsms Historical-photos-pt3-new-york-ww2-nazi. Digital image. News from Nowhere 1890. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 May 2013. Original: By Frank Rich
For New York Times
On February 22 ,1991
Main points on his critique:
Characterized to be "less funny or more passionately acted”
“ ‘Lost in Yonkers’ is hardly Mr. Simon's most accomplished work, but when the riveting Ms. Worth and Ms. Ruehl take center stage to tear at each other and the audience, the wounds run so deep that one feels it just may be his most honest.” Other Works
by Neil Simon Come Blow Your Horn (1961)
Barefoot in the Park (1963)
The Odd Couple (1966)
The Sunshine Boys (1972)
Brighton Beach Memoirs (1983)
Biloxi Blues (1985)
Broadway Bound (1986) Awards Pulitzer Prize for Lost In Yonkers
Tony Award for Lost In Yonkers
Tony Award for Biloxi Blues
Tony Award for Best Playwright
New York Drama Critics' Circle Award for Brighton Beach Memoirs Literary Critisms Cont. By David Rooney
For The New York Times
On March 25, 2012
Main points on his critique:
“Mr. Simon observes the frayed bonds of this damaged family with a light touch where appropriate but also with honesty and compassion, making the climactic face-off between Bella and her mother all the more moving.” Contemparary Please enjoy these ice cream sodas while we present our scene from Lost In Yonkers! Impact on Theatre play was not as impactful as the movie
movie was released in 1993
publication of movie coincided with current US events
the play's themes were relevant to the time period So to present our fun facts we have a special guest for you all.....HOPE YOU ENJOY Symbols: ~Money -Bella wanted to open a restaurant
-Jay & Arty hope to reunite with their father
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