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grade 4 social project

sameena l

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of albertanow+13

Alberta Hi we’re talking about Edmonton and Calgary being compared by their similarities and differences. Some similarities include The Calgary Zoo which takes you to see over 1,000 animals from around the world. Edmonton's Valley Zoo is home to more than 350 animals and focused on conservation. Edmonton Has a professional NHL team called the Oilers and will host 2012 World Juniors Championship. Calgary also has a professional NHL team called the Flames and will host 2012 World Juniors Championship. Edmonton is Known For many festivals-Sir Winston Churchill Square, in the heart of Edmonton's urban core, is where many of the city's 40 festivals take place.Calgary is Known for Big ticket events like Calgary Stampede and its closeness to the mountains for tourism. Calgary has more selections in terms of shopping and fine dining. Now we are going to talk about the differences in these two cities.In Calgary the zoo is located on an island Downtown.In Edmonton the zoo is located in central Edmonton. Edmontons hockey team has won 5 stanely cups .Calgarys hockey team has won 1 stanely cup. There are over 40 festivals in Edmonton that are exciting to go to.In calgary the largest festival is the Calgary Stampede/Rodeo in fact this is the largest rodeo in Western Canada. I like Edmonton because Edmonton has lot’s of festivals to go to. The University of Alberta is also situated in Edmonton and the Alberta Legislator building , which is the home of the provincial Government, is also in Edmonton. Edmonton has one of the largest mall’s in the world which is called West Edmonton Mall.So which place would you choose to go to! Edmonton Capital X is
Awesome I
Like the rides
And fireworks
And you could
Get cotton
Candy and you
You can win
Teddy bears.
Taste of
I like this
Festival because
there’s food
from all
around the
world you
get to eat
and theres
samples for
You to eat.
Calgary I like the Calgary stampede because you get to sit back and watch the rodeo and you can play games and you can win teddy bears and you can go on rides and you can dance and pet animals. Callaway park has rides a water park you can dance and there’s a park for little kids. Mountains In Canmore you can do cross country skiing and there’s Jackrabbit Races for female to do.
In Wateron there’s a Wildflower Festival that was created to celebrate the half of the province's wildflowers grow in Waterston’s Lake Park. There are also art exhibits at the festival.
Central Alberta In Central Alberta there’s a Rocky Mountain wine and food festival it is the largest wine and food event in Alberta and it has samples of food people can eat. The Centre Fest, Red Deer's International Street Performer Festival, is in Central Alberta there’s jugglers, magicians and there’s artists including comedians, actors, face painters, and visual artists, Kids World and Water World. Northern Alberta In North Alberta there’s a Summer Solstice Festival you can listen to musicians perform. There’s also another festival called the Annual Diamond Valley Parade and Discovery Days there’s a pancake breakfast there and you can and there’s a car show and a quilt show and there’s magicians and there’s clowns and there’s a pet show and there’s fireworks there. Southern Alberta In Southern Alberta there’s a Winter Festival there’s Pony Rides Wagon Rides Fire Pits Working Buffalo Demo Extreme Cowboy Demo Historical Display 4H Demo Trick Riders. Winter Light is another festival there’s unique trail adventures, heritage experience and innovative art. Winter Light events encourage people to see winter from a new perspective. Mountains Located in the Southwestern edge of Alberta, the Rocky Mountains are perhaps the best known and most well visited of Alberta's six natural regions. The Rocky Mountains comprise 8 percent of the province.
In the Rocky Mountains, the Montane sub-region exists only in the low-elevation mountain valleys of the Athabasca, North Saskatchewan, Red Deer and Bow rivers. Another small area of Montane exists in a narrow band of the foothills region in southwestern Alberta.
Where is the Canadian Shield located in Alberta?
It is located in the north corner of Alberta.
landscape is very similar to the better known prairies of the south. In the far north it rains a lot at This the hills . woodland caribou
Whooping crane. The woodland
Caribou lives in the western
Part of Ontario. Woodland Caribou stay in small groups and don't migrate over large distances as do their Northern Cousins.
It looks like a fun place to play in.
You can go canoeing.
You can go camping.
You can go rock climbing.
You can do fall hunting.

Today, less than 5 percent of Aspen Parkland remains in its native state.
There are three sub-regions of parkland: central parkland, Peace River.
The Parkland Natural Region is one of Alberta's richest agricultural regions and comprises about 12 percent of Alberta. Most of the original aspen parkland survives only in small fragments because few farmers can afford to leave large tracts of original parkland intact. And, fires, which are integral to parkland ecology, are suppressed, changing the natural vegetation mosaic.
Boreal Forest Grass Lands Canadian shield Foot Hills Park Land Alberta's
Regions These are the
animals that live
in the Grass Lands
there is the Burrowing
Owl the Swift Fox and
the Ferruginous Hawk.
There's also crops there
such as grain wheat and
This is high in
the mountains in
Jasper. This is me my grandpa
and my grama at the
Royal Tyrell Museum of
Alberta. This is me in
Banff with the beautiful trees and plants. Banff Royal Tyrell Museum
of Alberta Jasper Why i like
Edmonton Alberta
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