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ArcFM/Designer Demo

No description

Fiona Wright

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of ArcFM/Designer Demo

What is it?
COTS extension from Schneider that adds electrical network knowledge to an ESRI based GIS
Provides connectivity and uses rules to enforce electrical network properties
Requires a base Asset and Connectivity Data Model
Tools to execute electrical functions using connectivity
Enables electrical connectivity to the customer premise
Interface with the Schneider ADMS through the Schneider Network Adapter
Creates a single source of asset an connectivity information
Why use it?
Versioned GIS network design tool that further extends the ArcFM electrical capabilities for designers.
Provides engineering tools such as poles and wires directly in the design software.
Enforces rules established in ArcFM into new designs.
Makes use of favourites and Compatible Units (CUs or Unit Assemblies) to assist with standardising designs.
What is it?
Why use it?
Enables all users to view sections of network undergoing design.
Enables designs to be built directly in the GIS
Utilises a common set of tools and design standards
Eliminates the need to re-draw designs from a CAD system into the GIS & ADMS
How does
ArcFM/Designer fit in
with other OSR projects?
COTS application that extends the ArcFM/GIS to provide Asset and Works Management capabilities.
Uses the ArcFM Asset Data Model
Interfaces to ArcFM using the Schneider Network Adapter tool to enable updates to the GIS to flow directly into the ADMS.
Designs can be imported for testing, ‘WHAT IF’ scenarios and future load forecasting.
Developing standards and Unit Assemblies for network augmentation and design.
Unit Assemblies
These unit assemblies form the Compatible Units (CUs) in Designer & Cityworks
Unit Assemblies
What does this mean?
ArcFM is the single asset data repository for all electrical assets.
ArcFM is the master source of truth for connectivity.
Assets must be entered in to ArcFM before they can be migrated to the ADMS.
Designs need to be in ArcFM before being energised and available to System Control (ADMS).
ArcFM increases the complexity and asset types stored in the GIS significantly.
How does this all fit together?
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