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Disco Music Prezi

By: Megan Wolfe

Megan Wolfe

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Disco Music Prezi

Disco Music Disco comes from the word "Discotheque" which was used to describe nightclubs that people went to in the 1960's and 70's. This music was made to encourage you to get out and dance. History of Disco! In the mid-70's Disco started to become more popular because of the movie "Saturday Night Fever" starring John Travolta. The film came out in 1977 with the Bee Gees recording some big dance hits such as "Staying Alive." Disco led to popular television shows such as "Soul Train" and "Dance Fever." "Dance Fever" was hosted by Deney Terrio who was known for teaching his moves to John Travolta for "Saturday Night Fever." Disco had a brief run as the top music type in 1978-1979, but soon lost its momentum as people across the nation protested the music with "Disco Sucks" bumper stickers and graffiti demonstrating the same feelings. By 1980, disco had already become less popular than black pop music. Bee Gees The Bee Gees started in 1958. The members of the Bee Gees were Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb. They recorded music for many years. They were best known for their Disco hits in the 70's. An interesting fact: Only Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, and Paul McCartney have outsold the Bee Gees. These were the Bee Gees top 10 songs:
1) You Should Be Dancing
2) Jive Talkin
3) Stayin' Alive
4) How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
5) To Love Somebody
6) Nights On Broadway
7) Night Fever
8) Tragedy
9) How Deep Is Your Love
10) Lonely Days Time Period The president at this time was Jimmy Carter. Some popular movies were:
Star Wars
Deer Hunter
Alien Some popular books were:
The Shining
The Thorn Birds
The Never Ending Story Some styles from the 70's were:
Bell Bottom Pants
Halter Tops
Elevator Shoes
mood rings Some events of the late 70's:
World Trade Center was completed
Carter grants pardon to draft dodgers of Vietnam Some popular cars in the 70's:
Oldsmobile Cutlass
Chevrolet Impala wiki.answers.com
dreamstime.com Thanks for watching!!!
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