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teaching maths & concept based curriculum

No description

Lissy Venegas

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of teaching maths & concept based curriculum

Concept based curriculum in mathematics Teaching mathematics
as a discipline... Mathematics
in the MYP The study of mathematics is a fundamental part of a balanced education Mathematics Promotes a powerful universal language Analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills Contribute to the development of logical, abstract and critical thinking can help make sense of the world Allows phenomena to be described in precise
terms Promotes careful analysis and the search for patterns and relationships MYP
Mathematics promotes
inquiry and application Helping students to develop problem-solving techniques that transcend the discipline and that are useful in the world outside of school tailored to the needs of the student seeking to intrigue and motivate them
to want to learn its principles authentic examples of how mathematics is useful and relevant to
their lives and be encouraged to apply it to new situations Mathematics provides the foundation
for the study of sciences engineering technology arts economics social sciences structure of language Why is the exploration of concepts essential? Because it allows deeper understanding of the subject area Helps the learner to construct meaning through improved critical thinking and the transfer of knowledge. Encourage a broad, generic approach that can encompass many ways of thinking
and a variety of experiences. Concepts Cocept based curriculum
in Maths... Key concepts are broad universal concept timeless abstract organizing powerful ideas have relevance within the subject transcend The key concepts facilitate:
• disciplinary learning
• interdisciplinary learning
• connections with other subjects. provide breadth related concepts provide depth emerges
from the discipline brings focus conceptual understanding identify the understandings that students should retain in the future will become the notions and principles applied to solve problems and issues relevant to their lives The concepts.... Giving an answer to the question of why the subject-related content of a unit is being taught. What are the key and related concepts in
mathematics? Form Relationships Logic Change Equivalence Generalization Justification Model Pattern Quantity Representation System The profound gap between two conceptions of knowledge, learning and schooling present in today’s schools... Is primarily about having information Learning Is a matter of becoming able to use disciplinary lenses with flexible expertise
in various situations. Schooling is about helping students meet the
information-accumulation requirements to move to the next grade or educational level Disciplines relevant learning academically rigorous
curriculums Transforming our classrooms... from
places where information is transmitted to
places where students find opportunities to learn
disciplinary ideas to make sense of the world demands that teachers reconsider
what matters most to teach Our responsibility to engage these students
in deep disciplinary learning To promote a deep
understanding... Identify key concepts or big ideas that
can help students make sense of the
information presented in these statements,
as well as other related information,
cases or topics to be taught. how should we concentrate our time and effort strategically to maximize students’ enduring disciplinary understanding? A curriculum of big ideas prioritizes disciplinary
theories or concepts that hold the greatest power
to explain a broad range of phenomena typically
studied as independent curriculum topics.

Ideas such as expressions (a way to represent,
explore and reason quantitatively about situations)
in mathematics; linear functions, quadratic functions or exponential growth entails variations on one idea:

the capacity to model or represent and analyse functions.
Disciplines are a dynamic networks of big ideas, concepts, theories and examples, which experts produce through the use of ingenious methods and techniques in an attempt to answer relevant questions about particular aspects of the world. A curriculum focused on concepts to provide students...
... not with definitions to remember
but with conceptual tools for sense making Students demonstrate
deep disciplinary
understanding when: they exhibit flexible expertise in the use
of significant disciplinary knowledge they have a good sense of the methods and procedures
by which the discipline advances its work they have a good sense of the purposes driving inquiry in the discipline and the multiple applications that a given insight may have conept based curriculum Concept based curriculum MYP mathematics aims to equip all students with the
and intellectual capabilities to address further courses in mathematics to offer to the students powerful lenses available in a society in order to help the young become keen interpreters of, and contributors to, the
world in which they live
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