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Dexter Darkly Dreaming

No description

Sam Visona

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Dexter Darkly Dreaming

By: Jeff Lindsay About Jeff Lindsay Dexter Darkly Dreaming Imagine a blood splatter analyst working for Miami Metro Homicide Department who is a psychopathic serial killer in his spare time, ridding the streets of other killers

Dexter Morgan lives a double life, balancing work and family with his "dark passenger" all the while guise of being an average person "In Creating a singularly unique killer, Lindsay also manages to create a few sleepless nights for the reader"- The Anniston Star Opening Statement Born on July 14th, 1952 in Miami Florida

Dexter was his first novel ever published which earned Lindsay a solid reputation from critics and fellow authors

Lindsay won the 2005 Dily award for Best mystery novel of the year Dexter Morgan, is the protagonist in the novel

Deborah Morgan, Dexter's only living family member is a colleague at Miami metro Homicide and is very close to Dexter

Maria LaGuerta is the Lieutenant at Miami Metro Homicide, she has a weird attraction to Dexter and hates Deborah Characters Dexter views life differently than most people, he doesn't care whether he lives or dies the only thing he believes in is justice

He was scarred by witnessing the murder of his mother at a young age

He is psychotic and feels very little emotion, only to people that are close to him

"Whatever made me the way I am left me hollow, empty inside, unable to feel" (p.15) Protagonists Perspective "Killers deserve punishment for killing innocents"
Dexter rationalizes killing the guilty because they never got what they deserved
"Our circumstances change who we become"
Dexter is shaped into a monster because of a tragic event in his life
"What happened to you as a little kid has shaped you...it's going to make you want to kill" (P.43) Themes Dexter's inner drive for killing is known as his "dark passenger" and this passenger sometimes takes the wheel in Dexter's life

Dexter was found in his mother's blood when he was a child, the first respondent at the scene was Harry Morgan, adopted Dexter

Harry Morgan recognized Dexter's disorder and created a "code" for killing and how to get away with it, dexter's life revolves around the "code"

His dark secret was discovered by the "Tamiami killer" who is the culprit of a string of murders in Miami, and Dexter happens to be working on that case Plot Harry Morgan built the "code" for Dexter to control him, making him his protege
"Being careful went beyond the actual killing,of course. Being careful meant building a careful life too. Compartmentalize, socialize. Imitate life" (P.44)
"Harry was turning me loose. I had permission. We had talked about one day doing this, but he held me back. Until now" (P.167)
The police work described in the novel is relevant to today
"She was working the crowd...yellow crime scene tape was strung up and more than three patrol cars were angled in with their lights flashing" (P.19) Cultural Indicators Closing Statement/ Recommendations I rate this book 10/10, if you are interested in thriller/mystery genres you should read "Dexter Darkly Dreaming"
The themes and issues discovered are relevant to present issues in the world
The book is a must read if you have watched the TV series http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0773262/
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