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The Aztecs

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Robert Schondel

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of The Aztecs

Social /Culture Of Aztec
First the nobility or pilli, then the common people or macehualli. Each of these was further broken up into groups of people that had quite different lives.
There were also slaves which were normally well treated. The kids of a slave were free. There were ways for a slave to gain freedom such as purchasing it.
The Mexican people of the Aztec empire had education for everyone regardless of gender or class. Though boys received a wider education than girls.
Girls were taught how to run a home, cook, and care for a family. Women had a lot of power in society. though it was behind the scenes.

Aztec Religion

The Aztec economy was based mostly on trade and agriculture which was provided by the cities in outlying lands.

The market was where farmers and craftsmen presented their goods to around 60,000 village and city residents a day

The Aztecs used any unused land they could find. Merchants traveled on rivers and the Pacific ocean and trade with other tribes. The Aztec traded a lot and their wealth started to grow rapidly.

Aztec Economics
Aztec Politics
-The Aztecs were stationed in Mexico and had more than one leader. The most important leader was Moctezuma.
-New emperors were elected by a high council of four nobles who were related to the previous ruler.
-Aztec laws were based on royal decrees and on customs that had been passed down from generation to generation. These laws were also interpreted and applied by Aztec judges in the various court systems.
-It's hard to know today how much crime there actually was in the empire. As we will see, punishment was harsh. Some crimes considered serious would include stealing from an other's crops, public drunkenness, and murder.
-A flower war or flowery war is the name given to the battles fought between the Aztec Triple Alliance and some of their enemies.
-The supreme court participates in all government decisions.

Aztec Politics
Aztec Environment & Intellectual

The Aztec was able to make 1,000 medicines from plants.They used it for fevers, cure stomach aches, and to heal wounds.They were also set broken bones and practice dentistry.The Aztec was a small country until the started conquering like crazy.The empire was one of the places to mandatory education for everyone.The Aztec invented popcorn. The Aztec also made a spicy kind of hot chocolate with cacao beans, corn flour,water and chillies.
Richly colored clothing, architecture, ceremonial knives, head dresses - many things were adorned with jewels and feathers. It is said that the emperor never wore the same clothes twice.
The Nahuatl language is an agglutinate language, which means that words and phrases are put together by combining prefixes, suffixes, and root words, in order to form an idea.

Picture Of Aztec Money
Most of the Aztec people are farmers.They used irrigation to water their crops.They grew corn,squash,and beans.The Aztec are located in Mexico in South Central Mexico.The valley is almost 7,000 feet above sea level also they are surrounded by mountains.The high altitude of the Aztec was around 12 degrees Celsius or 56 degrees Fahrenheit .That made the area only good for limited amounts of crops because there were frost bites sometimes.The crops could die easily.The rainfall amount was almost 450mm in in the north. In the south up to 1,000mm.
Aztec Environment
The Aztecs
The Aztecs
Aztec Economy
In temples (like the one above) Aztec priests performed ceremonies, including human sacrifice, to please their main god Huitzilopotchli (pronounced Weetz-ee-loh-POSHT-lee) it the Aztecs main god, the god of war. The Aztec priests used their knowledge to create an accurate calendar. Aztec astronomers also predicted eclipses and movements of planets. They also kept records in hieroglyphics.

Aztec, Maya, Inca
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