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ENSC 423 - Environmental Economics

C Phelps

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of WATER

ENSC 423 - Environmental Economics

By Chelsea Phelps, Bailey Spiteri, Melanie Brooks, Arvinder Dhaliwal, Alyse Hegmans & Mike Lowe
Increase Supply of Available Fresh Water
Dams to capture water
Decrease Water Demands
Water Pricing
Increased block rate structure
Improved irrigation methods
Convert from surface irrigation to drip or sprinkler
Encourage conservation
Convert Waste-Water to Fresh-Water
Orange county Ground water Replenishment system
Water Quality
Access to almost 20% of the world’s stock of fresh water
7% of the total flow of incoming renewable water
Home to 0.5% of world's total population
Resource Depletion...
Water Quantity

Excessive Pumping of Groundwater
Stress on Fresh Water Supply Due to Population Growth
Consequences of Natural Resource Depletion (Overconsumption)
Consequences of Declining Water Quality
Degradation of ecosystem services
Health-related costs
Impacts on economic activities including agriculture industrial production and tourism
Increased water treatment costs
Reduced property values
Amount of Canadians Relying on a Sewer System

Over Use of Fresh Water
Climate Change
High Supply Demand for Fresh Water
Loss of natural capital

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Supply and Demand on Canadian Water Systems
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Source: Metrovancouver water usage
Economic Analysis of Water Quality
Economic Analysis of Water Quantity
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Loss of important ecosystem services
Financial implications due to a lowered water table
Land Subsidence
Source: www.greenbiz.com OC wastewater
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